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Purism SPC is seeking to expand the team with an opening for a community manager. This is a part-time position that can scale up to full-time depending on performance and availability.

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Scope of work

Reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, we are looking for a team member who is a hyperactive engaging extrovert to produce stimulating and encouraging public conversations across a growing social media landscape.

Purism is constantly advancing its mission to create an ethical digital world, and this role will be instrumental in sharing that vision, engaging the audience, and helping promote the social purpose of Purism.

Primary objectives:

  • Engage with our community across all touchpoints (except tech support which is done via email):
    • Our own social media outlets (shown in the footer of this page)
    • Our own community forums
    • Our various community Matrix discussions chat rooms (see the contact page)
    • External forums (such as Reddit etc.)
  • Educate and cross-post to ethical, distributed, social media tools.
    • Ask for feedback, run surveys, promote accomplishments.
    • Talk directly to Purism staff to ask to publicly share progress.

Secondary objectives:

  • Plan social media goals
  • Propose social media engagement ideas
  • Help produce content in general, whether specifically for social media or for blogging


  • Energetic, proactive go-getter person who can engage people publicly across multiple timezones, whether team members (US west coast and east coast, and central European mainly) or the general public.
  • Well-organized and motivated to accelerate our mission through greater public coverage, able to interact with minimal supervision and pushing.
  • Great writing skills and text structuring. A knack for the right words and phrasing, and the ability to create clarity or summarize contents out of otherwise dense texts. You excel at the art of fitting within the character limit while maximizing engagement.
  • 1-2 years of experience in social community management or interacting with the Free/Libre and Open-Source software community, particularly desktop/mobile GNU+Linux. You need to know how the FLOSS community thinks and feels, you also need to engage normal computer users while staying true to FLOSS technologies. You speak geek and non-geek fluently and have good technical understanding (ideally you have a good overall knowledge of the various pieces that constitute the GNU+Linux technology stack for desktop and mobile, and/or how hardware works in general).

Some details for applying

  • Please use this template as your email subject line: “Community manager – your_name_here”
  • Feel free to bundle your CV as a PDF. Your cover letter can be PDF or directly in the email.
  • Letters of recommendation or examples of engagement achievements you’ve had elsewhere are a plus.
Apply for job

To apply for this job email your details to hr@puri.sm