WiFi / BT / Radio Reverse Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Remote

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Purism is seeking to expand our kernel driver support with fully free software for various hardware. This position is important for the long-term goal of making security, privacy, and freedom respecting software more appealing than the rights stripping proprietary alternatives.

If we can make hardware and drivers that are better than OSX, Windows, Android, where services, apps, usability, design, are easier to use, then users will migrate to our operating system, software, and hardware more readily than they would otherwise. Removing binary blobs and using free software drivers is the main focus of this role, authoring, releasing and maintaining kernel level driver(s) licensed under the GPL.

If you are eager to change the world by freeing hardware at the kernel level, while adhering to the strictness of respecting users’ rights, please apply below.

  • What you’re good at, or what you would like to help us with.
  • How you got good at it, or how you’d like to help us.
  • Why would you like to be involved with Purism?

To apply for this job email your details to hr@puri.sm