We are kicking off a program that will provide Debian Developers a 20% discount on the price of our new laptops base configurations (i.e.: without extras) and 50% off of the price of our refurbished base configurations. This amounts to $280 off of a new Librem 13 and $320 off of a new Librem 15. This discount program is designed as another way which Purism SPC gives back to the Free Software technologies and communities that we rely on for PureOS, the GNU/Linux Distribution we maintain and preload on our Librem line of devices as a convenience to users. Since PureOS is a modified version of Debian, we feel that Debian developers are PureOS developers as well and we want to reward their contributions.

To qualify for this discount program, you need to be a verifiable Debian Developer. Please email us at ops@puri.sm from your Debian email account, signed with your Debian public key. In the email body, request access to this discount program and we will email a voucher code to you. Then you can simply go the Purism product page, choose the model you want, and once it has been added to your “cart” input the voucher code in the “coupon” line of the Cart and benefit from those beautiful savings.

A big thank you to all of those who give their time and knowledge to the advancement of Free Software!