Secure Hardware. Open Software.

Designed for the ultimate security of your enterprise.

Librem Devices

Purism devices are built to solve the challenges of modern security teams by offering:

  • Transparent source code – No black boxes
  • Librem Key – a secure USB hardware token
  • Secure Key Management – Manage your own keys
  • PureBoot – Cryptographically guaranteed tamper detection from the first bit with your own keys
  • Premium hardware – Laptops, phones, servers, and mini PCs built for enterprise security.
  • Custom manufacturing, development, and support – From hardware, to OS, to ongoing support; Purism can tailor-make the right solutions for your enterprise

Purpose over profits… literally.

Purism formed as a Social Purpose Company ensuring that all products will adhere to the strictest of security best practices while remaining committed to transparent source code.

Transparent source code.

No black boxes here.

Security best practices requires the ability to verify code. Proprietary code is impossible to fully verify, it is a black box doing things that you can never be completely aware of.

Verify. Compile. Modify. Test

Fully open source code enables the ability to verify, compile, modify, test, and confirm that the software you are running is the most secure software available and operates without compromise.

Transparency is in our DNA

Purism requires (as part of our articles of incorporation) to release all software source code. PureOS is 100% fully released as open source and it always will be. PureBoot is also open source secure boot firmware that additionally offers the ability to detect tampering when combined with the Librem Key.

Librem Key

Manage your own keys.

Handing your low level security controls off to vendors like Apple, Google, or Microsoft is a terrible security practice.

Securing your own computers with your own keys managed by your own team is the only way to ensure your assets are under your full control.

Librem Key and PureBoot

PureBoot and the Librem Key does exactly that. You are able to create, manage, sign, and control your entire fleet of computer devices without having a parent vendor controlling a deeper level of encryption than you.


Boot any OS without sacrificing security

Purism offers the best security with PureBoot which can boot any Operating System, PureOS, QubesOS, or even proprietary Windows. Offering the best security foundation before putting in the windows.

Having a requirement to use Windows does not mean you have to compromise on lower level security.

PureBoot ready devices

Purism offers fully functioning coreboot or the hardened tamper detection of PureBoot (a combination of coreboot boot firmware plus tamper detection) in its Librem Mini and Librem 14 product lines.

This allows for your corporate IT team to have the best low-level security with the smallest footprint, avoiding all the common pitfalls and threats against the UEFI BIOS found in nearly all competitor devices.

Purism offers the best low level security that you control but also the freedom to install whatever you desire on top to accomplish your business needs.

Premium Devices designed for enterprise security

Librem Server

Librem Server

The most secure Servers

  • Secure Firmware
  • Secure Operating System

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Librem 14

Librem 14

The most secure Laptop for Enterprise

  • Built to Last
  • Hardware Security
  • Secure Software
  • Alternative OSes are Supported

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Librem Mini

Librem Mini

The most secure Desktop for Enterprise

  • Physical Security
  • Hardware Hardened
  • You Control the Keys

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Librem 5 USA

Librem 5USA

The most secure Phone

  • Secure Phone Hardware
  • Secure Operating System & Software
  • Secure Supply Chain

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Custom manufacturing, development, and support


Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Whether you desire a custom modification to an existing product or a fully custom design, we are the original design manufacturer (ODM) for you. We do custom industrial design, mechanical design, prototyping, fabrication, mass production, quality control, firmware development, kernel development, software development and integrated services development. Owning the entire process from schematics on up offers you the ability to leverage our expertise to bring your product from idea to delivery.

PureOS and Development Services

PureOS and Development Services

PureOS utilizes the leading privacy and security best practices. With PureOS, you get full disk encryption to safeguard your data, the best fully audited privacy and security-focused software and applications – to browse the web, edit documents, send email, develop software and access virtual and remote machines. Purism offers custom development services ranging from bespoke hardware, firmware development, kernel hacking, full operating system development, library authorship, application development, and security development. Contact us with your need and we will propose a solution.

Customizable Enterprise Support

Customizable Enterprise Support

All our products are protected by the Purism Manufacturer Warranty and we offer a range of customizable Enterprise Support packages to suit your business’s unique needs. With us, you get the best in class, same-day support from the same people who designed, built and use the products everyday.