We believe people should have secure devices that protect them rather than exploit them.

To that purpose, we provide everything you need in a convenient hardware and software product.

We offer high-quality computers and software with a focus on privacy, security, and freedom.

The Librem line from Purism Laptops & phones that protect the privacy of your family and the security of your business

Librem 5 The phone
Librem 13 The road warrior
Librem 15 The desktop replacement

The Librem are the first high-end laptops where you are in control and have complete visibility into the operating system, all bundled software, and the deeper levels of your computer.

Latest Posts

  • Easy Librem 5 App Development: Flashlight- In my first post on easy application development on the Librem 5 I discussed how to turn a simple shell script that takes a screenshot into a full graphical app with only a few extra lines of code. In this post I will follow up with an even simpler application that took about twenty minutes […]
  • Librem 5 Chestnut Hardware Changes- Librem 5 Chestnut devices have been in the hands of the community for a few weeks now and we have some initial impressions to share. The team made a number of small hardware improvements to Chestnut devices which have had a big impact on the usability, charging and heat dissipation. The hardware schematics have been […]
  • Easy Librem 5 App Development: Take a Screenshot- I’m not a professional application developer but I know a few programming languages and have contributed to FOSS projects over the years. I like to write my personal programs as simple shell script that tend to run on my Linux laptop or server but never on my old Android phone. This is the first time […]

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