We believe people should have secure devices that protect them rather than exploit them.

To that purpose, we provide everything you need in a convenient hardware and software product.

We offer high-quality computers and software with a focus on privacy, security, and freedom.

The Librem line from Purism Laptops & phones that protect the privacy of your family and the security of your business

Librem 5 The phone
Librem 13 The road warrior
Librem 15 The desktop replacement

The Librem are the first high-end laptops where you are in control and have complete visibility into the operating system, all bundled software, and the deeper levels of your computer.

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  • An Epiphany regarding Purebrowser- Purebrowser and the “the power of defaults” As most folks know, PureOS has a customized browser known as Purebrowser. Purebrowser is a great example of what Todd Weaver calls, “the power of defaults”. What I’ve understood that to mean is that default settings are a powerful way to provide users with privacy protecting safeguards and […]
  • Librem 5 Longevity: Solving The Problem of Disposable Technology- I’ve been using GNU/Linux (“Linux”) as my desktop OS for over twenty years now. Throughout all of that time, one thing that I’ve loved about Linux on the desktop is how it can take a so-called “slow” and “old” computer and can breathe new life into it. Back when Installfests were a thing (events where […]
  • Librem 5 on the Free Software Foundation’s Ethical Tech Gift Giving Guide- The Free Software Foundation (FSF), like Purism believe in promoting worldwide user freedoms. The FSF have been championing people’s software freedom rights for 34 years and have created the guidelines and compliance that most of the free software world relies on. This is why we are so proud that our operating system, PureOS, has previously […]

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