Get involved

Helping Purism

Even if you cannot help by ordering (or pre-ordering) one of our products, or by donating to our cause, there are a number of other ways you can help:

  • Spread the word, on your favorite social media and at various events.
  • Use and improve free/libre software, which strips power from proprietary software.
  • Explore our public repos to report bugs or to submit code contributions.
  • Help us improve PureOS by testing, contributing fixes, etc.
  • Provide constructive answers and feedback in our user forums.
  • Join our public matrix chatrooms.
  • Volunteer or work as part of our team, we have all sorts of things we’re trying to do. See the open positions.

How to contribute to Librem One

  • Install and test apps, report bugs and fixes to the tracker.

How to contribute to PureOS