Purism seeks talented and motivated team-members to fill a great number of positions. If you are interested in any listed positions, or have an idea of a position you’d like to create within our organization, please send an email to with the following:

  • What are you good at?
  • How you got good at it?
  • Why would you like to be involved with Purism

We offer various forms of compensation and roles, from volunteer, part-time, paid, or margin share. Please list what forms of compensation you require and are amenable to.

Purism encourages all interested people to apply, regardless of location, income, gender, age, race, religion, skin, height, weight, ability or disability, sexual orientation, or any other personal trait(s). We will add team-members based on Purism’s philosophy, team fit, team diversity, skills, experiences, and eagerness. We do not discriminate and are proud to operate a safe-work-place.

We strive to avoid a monoculture and therefore prefer equal diversity in all areas, this creates a welcome environment for everybody.

All jobs are remote, unless marked “on-site”.  Purism is a decentralized employer, unless the role requires physical on-site operations.