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As Purism SPC grows, so does our customer support team requires more personnel. If you enjoy communicating and helping people, and troubleshooting various software and hardware issues, please apply. These roles are full-time and remote with a decentralized team across many timezones.

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Scope of work (i.e. what you have to worry about)

We are looking for a team member with experience and a passion for providing help and instructions with hardware and software problems. Desired personality characteristics: we need a kind, conscientious, dedicated and highly patient person.

Primary objectives:

  • Responding to customer inquiries and support requests
  • Documenting support requests (using a ticketing system)
  • Closely communicating with other departments

Secondary objectives:

  • Communicating on forums
  • Creating wiki guides and manuals
  • Hardware/software testing

Required skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of how a GNU/Linux system functions
  • Experience with a Debian-based distros
  • Solid knowledge of a computer hardware

Extra skills:

  • Computer servicing experience
  • Hardware/software testing
  • Software bug-hunting experience
  • Multilingual

Some details for applying

Please use this template as your email:

  • Subject line: “Support staff – your_name_here
  • List what you’re good at, or what you would like to help us with.
  • Tell us how you got good at it, or how you’d like to help us.
  • Let us know why would you like to be involved with Purism?

Please note that it will take some weeks for us to review applicants and get back to you.

Apply for job

To apply for this job email your details to hiring@puri.sm