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About Purism

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation founded in 2014.

Purism’s mission enshrined in its articles of incorporation are summarized as:

  • Purism will prioritize privacy, security, and freedom for its customers.
  • Purism will only use and distribute free/libre and open source software in the kernel, OS, and software in its products.
  • Purism will design and manufacture hardware that respects users’ rights to privacy, security, and freedom.
  • Purism will not discriminate against individuals, groups or fields of endeavor.
  • Purism will source, and manufacture the highest quality hardware.
  • Purism will release all software written by Purism under a free software license.
  • Purism will release all hardware schematics authored by The Corporation under a free hardware license.
  • Purism will release encryption tools and services and will design these tools such that Purism will have no means to access users’ encrypted data.

Purism Timeline through September 2023