Lapdock Kit

Lapdock Kit

Transform your Librem 5 into a laptop

Unlock the full potential of Librem 5. Run your favorite desktop apps at maximum size.

What’s a Lapdock?

A lapdock is a docking station (or “dock”) combined with a laptop shell. A lapdock has no CPU, RAM or storage, instead, it uses the Librem 5 or Librem 5 USA as the computer. Lapdock Kit
  • Run full-size desktop apps
  • Charge your Librem 5 while docked
  • Drag apps between both touchscreens
  • Travel light without your regular laptop
Once docked, the Librem 5’s screen extends to the lapdock screen, and you can use the keyboard and mouse on the lapdock to drag windows back and forth between screens. All of the applications are running on the Librem 5 and once docked, it behaves like a laptop running PureOS. Even better, the lapdock’s battery charges the Librem 5 while it’s docked, extending its run time.

What’s in the Lapdock Kit?

The Lapdock Kit includes a Nexdock 360 lapdock and two additional accessories essential for lapdock use: a magnetic mount and a shorter USB-C cable. The Nexdock 360 features a bright, crisp 1920×1080 touchscreen that can flip 360 degrees to turn into a tablet. The magnetic mount allows you to use both the Librem 5 and lapdock on your lap in laptop mode or when converted into tablet mode. The shorter cable is the perfect length to get out of your way when docked.

Lapdock Kit

Why Add A Lapdock Kit?

The Lapdock Kit allows you to experience the full potential of the Librem 5 and the Nexdock 360 while getting expert support from the Purism support team. Have all of your apps and all of your data in one device that can fit in your pocket and act like a phone when you need it to, but then transform into a laptop when you want to type out an email, do some image editing or watch a video on a larger screen.

Lapdock Kit

Run thousands of other desktop applications that haven’t yet been updated to adapt to a phone’s screen. Traditional Linux applications like the full LibreOffice suite, GIMP, Wireshark, Gqrx and many others run well on the Librem 5 with the addition of the Lapdock Kit’s extra screen real estate. With the Lapdock Kit and a Librem 5, you may no longer feel the need to pack a laptop with you on trips.

Hardware Specifications


13.3 inch 1920×1080 16:9 IPS touch screen



307 mm


14.9 mm


209 mm


1190 g


4x 1W speakers


Edge to edge full-sized backlit keyboard with multi-touch trackpad


44Wh, 7.6V, 5,800 mAh

Input Ports

1x USB-C 3.1 with DisplayPort (supports 5V1A charging), 1x Mini HDMI-in (1.4a) Port

Other Ports

1x USB-C PD Charging Port, 1x USB-C 3.0 Data Port, 1x 3.5mm audio jack, 1x Micro SDXC card reader