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Librem 5 USA

Librem 5

Starting at $1,999Beautiful Freedom, Premium Privacy, Secure Supply Chain

Experience the Librem 5 USA – The Freedom and Privacy of the Librem 5, plus Made in the USA Electronics with a Secure Supply Chain.

“If you want a smartphone built outside China and the walled gardens of Google and Apple, Purism’s Librem 5 USA may be for you.”

– The Register –

Private and Secure Computer in Your Pocket

  • Screen 5.7″ IPS TFT 720×1440
  • Memory 3GB RAM
  • Storage 32GB eMMC
  • Battery 4,500mAh User-Replaceable

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Made in USA Electronics

The Librem 5 USA has the same features and look of the Librem 5 on the outside, but all the electronics will be made in our USA facility, and the entire phone will be Assembled in the USA, using the same manufacturing process we used for the Librem 5 devkits in 2018 and Librem Key made in the USA in 2019. By doing all electronics fabrication within the boundaries of our facility Purism can oversee each stage of the production. The Librem 5 USA exists alongside our regular Librem 5; it’s the same freedom you’ve grown to trust with Purism products, it’s the same operating system (PureOS), the same software, and the same privacy protections built in; the Librem 5 USA adds a highly controlled secure supply chain. Order Now See The Origin

For Security Enthusiasts and Enterprise

The Librem 5 USA is designed for individuals or organizations who:
  • Have a hard requirement for where components are manufactured and sourced from
  • Are concerned about hardware backdoors
  • Need a secure supply chain
  • Want a secure US supply chain smartphone with complete control for larger deployments

Table of Origin

The Librem 5 USA has Made in USA Electronics with all fabrication and manufacturing done at the Purism facility. Individual components used in fabrication are sourced direct from chip makers and parts distributors. We use US companies with US fabrication whenever possible. Most distributors are based in the US with the exception of large integrated circuits that are made in a variety of countries where those companies do fabrication (US, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan); an example is the NXP CPU we use from their fabrication in South Korea. While we source chips that are made in the US whenever possible, chip country of origin is not nearly as meaningful as country of board fabrication, especially when all chips are verified hardware circuits that are driven by free software in the kernel.
ComponentOrigin Declaration
Mainboard PCBUSA
Mainboard PCBAUSA
Electronics FabricationUSA
WiFi CardIndia
  Comparing the PCBA to the parts layout and schematics Librem 5 USA PCBA The Librem 5 USA will have a user-replaceable assembled in USA modem.

Upgrading from Librem 5 to Librem 5 USA

You can upgrade your current Librem 5 order to the Librem 5 USA order and you would not lose your place in line. To do this place an order for Librem 5 USA and discount your current Librem 5 order by using your existing order number as a coupon code during checkout. Upgrade Order

Premium Order Processed in Parallel

Librem 5 Factory Because we are building the Librem 5 USA from the United States separate from the main Librem 5 fabrication, we will be producing the Librem 5 USA in parallel. That means we will ship Librem 5 USA orders in the existing shipping queue and alongside our existing “Evergreen” Librem 5 batch. Order Now

Secure Supply Chain

We are committed to constantly improving the security of our products. One concern we continue to hear from our customers is over attacks in the hardware and software supply chain. We have written about the importance of protecting the digital supply chain before, and as we grow we continue to find new opportunities to further strengthen the security of our own supply chain including most recently by offering the PureBoot Bundle–tamper-evident firmware straight from our facility and extending it into our anti-interdiction services.
While we continue to improve the security of our Librem laptops, we also recognize that one of the most important computers many people own is their smart phone. This is the device you carry with you everywhere you go and likely has some of your most sensitive and personal data–it’s the device most at risk from a security and privacy standpoint. If there’s any device that should have as secure of a supply chain as possible, it’s a phone.
By tightening the supply chain for the Librem 5 USA, we can oversee each component from the PCBA to the modem.

Ethical Supply Chain

Librem 5 USA offers an ethical supply chain within the United States adhering to strict US labor, environmental, and materials laws. The Librem 5 USA includes Made in USA Electronics at the Purism facility with US-based staff combining the best of class regulatory needs with the most secure and ethical supply chain.

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Real Convergence

Real convergence means bringing your desktop computer with you wherever you go. When we talk about how we have invested in convergence at Purism with PureOS we start with the desktop OS and shrink it down to your pocket. PureOS on the Librem 5 USA is the same OS we use on our other products with the same applications as our desktop–just with a special kernel, shell, compositor, and a small set of other tools needed to run the OS on the phone hardware. Firefox isn’t some custom mobile fork, it’s just desktop Firefox. If you want to know more, this post does a good job of explaining the unique pieces in PureOS on the Librem 5 USA and how all these pieces fit together.

One Powerful GPU

The Vivante GC7000Lite GPU in the Librem 5 USA provides a lot of 3D rendering power while still protecting your freedom with free software drivers. Here’s a look at how some 3D games run on the Librem 5 USA today.

This phone was made with you in mind

This device is for anybody and everybody interested in protecting his/her data, communicating privately to your loved ones, or supporting a future of protecting your digital rights. Librem 5


  • You will love the Librem 5 USA because it will allow you to communicate with your child, while having peace of mind that they are not being compromised or tracked without your permission.


  • You will love the Librem 5 USA because it will allow you to control your software and the freedom to really own the hardware you rightfully purchased.

Enterprises & Businesses

  • You will love the Librem 5 USA because it will allow you to have a security focused phone that is immune to common threats and protects your intellectual property and sensitive data by default.

CTOs & Tech Enthusiasts

  • You will love the Librem 5 USA because all the source code is available for audit, and you can tightly integrate whatever configuration the corporation requires.

Lifetime updates that actually extend your phone’s life

When you purchase a Librem 5 USA, you can be confident that we will continue to provide security updates, privacy improvements, bug fixes, and new features… for the lifetime of your device, without compromising performance. Your Librem will stay secure and responsive for years to come. Like a good wine, it will probably get better over time, not worse. Librem 5 Upon initial shipment of the Librem 5 USA, it will offer the essentials: phone functionality, email, messaging, voice, camera, browsing. The featureset will expand after shipment and over time to more free software applications. Your user experience will improve as we incrementally add commonly requested applications and features (such as calendaring, notes, calculator, PDF viewer, etc.) while keeping performance in mind.

Bridge the gap with native and HTML5 apps

HTML5 Apps In addition to its high-performance and tightly integrated “native” applications, the Librem 5 USA phone will be able to run HTML5 (web) applications, which means common applications you use everyday will be available through the web browser. We plan to sandbox and isolate these applications from the OS, so the applications will not be able to have visibility into other running applications or have access to areas that you do not explicitly allow. HTML5 App List

Competitive chart (privacy, security, freedom)

Peace of mind with a phone that does not track you
Purism PureOSApple iOSGoogle Android
Trackers Disabled by Default
Privacy Protection By Default
Does Not Track You
Layered Security Protection
User Controlled Source Code
Runs GNU+Linux
Separates CPU from Cellular Baseband
IP-Native Communication First
Decentralized Communication by Default

Hardware Specifications: Librem 5 USA


NXP® i.MX 8M Quad core Cortex A53, 64bit ARM @max 1.5GHz (auxiliary Cortex M4)


Vivante GC7000Lite


3 GB


32 GB eMMC internal storage

External Storage

microSD (2TB max)


5.7″ IPS TFT 720×1440


Option 1

Broadmobi BM818

SIM Size



Redpine Signals RS9116: 802.11 abgn 2.4GHz/5GHz


Bluetooth 4


TESEO LIV3 multiconstellation GNSS receiver



Wolfson Media WM8962

3.5mm Jack

Yes (stereo out and mono microphone in)



FM Radio



4,500mAh, user-replaceable


USB C: USB 3.0 data, PowerDelivery (Dual-Role Port), video out (DisplayPort)


Power, volume ± buttons

Kill Switches

3 – WiFi, Cellular, Microphone/Cameras (all 3 will turn off GPS)


“9-axis” by ST, LSM9DS1 (gyro, accel, magnetometer)

Ambient light and Proximity Sensor

Yes (VCNL4040)

Back Camera

13 Mpx with flash LED

Front Camera

8 Mpx

Notification LED

Yes (RGB LED with PWM control per color)

Smartcard Reader

2FF format smart cards (SIM card size)

Haptic Motor