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The Best GNU/Linux Tablet

When searching for the best Linux tablet it usually hinges on a few key features. First is Linux kernel support, a simple “Does this tablet work with the mainline linux kernel?” question should be answered, and the related “What distributions work out of the box?”. Another feature needing confirmation is if the kernel requires so-called closed source firmware (technically called nonfree blobs) for any included hardware to work, such as WiFi or networking. A few more common questions are: Is it metal or plastic? What is the build-quality? Is it an OEM or reseller? Does the company invest in and support Linux on the tablet? Does it come with a Linux kernel based distribution by default? Below we will answer all of these as it relates to the Librem 11 the best linux tablet available today.

Librem 11 the Best Linux Tablet

Kernel mainline support, for the best Linux tablet

All Purism products, including the Librem 11 tablet, offer mainline linux kernel support and therefore you have peace-of-mind that your tablet will work with whatever distribution of linux you desire.

GNU/Linux distributions supported out of the box

PureOS, a Free Software Foundation endorsed distribution, is one of the most complete distributions which does not require any mystery blobs to run. Due to this fully-freedom-respecting approach Purism has in the default operating system PureOS, it means that the hardware Purism puts out, such as the Librem 11 tablet, does not need any extra firmware to operate fully. This directly relates to the fact that any other GNU based distribution will work out of the box, be that RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, or the many other GNU/Linux distributions available.

Librem 11 The Best Linux Tablet

Linux kernel requires no mystery code

An important business decision of Purism was to build hardware that does not require any mystery code, so-called closed-source firmware to be loaded or run in the kernel. Therefore, all Purism products, from servers, mini-pcs, laptops, and even the Liberty Phone, do not require mystery code in the Linux kernel (nor operating system as a whole). Note: Purism has advanced a secure firmware jail where hardware that requires power-on firmware to be loaded outside the OS to be done so without tainting the running kernel whatsoever, the best possible way to load external firmware binaries.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Purism is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, putting out our own designs of our products, with some products including all the electronics fully made in the United States of America (such as the Liberty Phone). This means you have long-term support from the original maker of the hardware, and that alone is reason to buy and support what Purism is doing. You will enjoy the best linux laptop experience with your Librem 14, or any other product you purchase from Purism.

Making the best linux tablet hardware

Purism, as part of its articles of incorporation, require the use of the highest quality components available, therefore the build quality of all our hardware is the best in the industry. Using metal chassis, reliable type-c charging ports, all our products are built to last.

Librem 11 the Best Linux Tablet

Investment in GNU / Linux tablet industry

A key and missing part of measuring the best linux tablet is, does the company itself invest in the industry you want to be supported? Purism is the only OEM that invests a majority percentage of its revenue to advance the free software movement; and by doing so your dollars go toward creating a future you desire.

Philosophy of Company who makes the hardware and software

Purism is a Social Purpose Company that releases all source code under free software licenses, it invests many millions of dollars annually in the free/libre and open source software development, including mainline linux kernel support, writing phosh, libhandy, phoc, squeekboard, libfeedbackd, PureBoot, and pushing the free software philosophy into the manufacturing industry.

Hardware specifications

To learn more, and see the detailed hardware specifications, visit the product page of the Librem 11 and see why it is the best linux tablet available today.

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An ultra-portable workstation tablet that was designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to privacy, security, and freedom.