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There are three Librem Servers by Purism, each one offers the most secure server foundation at the firmware level. The lowest levels of the server are stripped to the smallest most secure footprint with tamper-detection provided with PureBoot. Our complete secured boot process with a neutralized and disabled Intel Management Engine, coreboot BIOS replacement, that includes kernel and boot tamper detection.

Librem Server

When bundled with our Librem Key—our USB security token that integrates with PureBoot—you can identify and alert when your server has been tampered with. With two modes: green light good, red light bad you have instant easy security verification which can be monitored in person or remotely.

The Purism security team has spent hundreds of hours developing the most secure server offering on the market. With a Librem Server your security processes can be simpler, more affordable and have reduced risk.

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Trusted By

The Librem Servers are trusted by government agencies, news media, financial institutions, health care facilities, aerospace, education, entertainment, energy, manufacturing, construction, and telecommunications.

The desire from every customer is to have the most secure server available from a trusted US-based security company. Purism offers your organization to control the first bit loaded on your server signed with your keys, and is never under the control of any other key signing agency nor vendor. It is this critical difference in boot firmware signing as to why more and more organizations are trusting their most secure assets on Purism Librem Servers.

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Customize and order your bespoke secure server today and we will ship it to you in 2-3 weeks. If you need added security in transit opt for our anti-interdiction services to verify your hardware has not been tampered with.