Librem-EC on Purism Devices

What is Librem-EC ?

Librem-EC is Purism’s fully open-source firmware for the embedded controller (EC) in the Librem 14 (and future Librem laptops). The EC in a laptop handles a range of functions which the main CPU does not, including (but not limited to): powering on the device, charging the battery, thermal management / fan control, lid state, LEDs and switches, and the keyboard. In many ways, it’s as important, if not more important, to have control over the EC firmware as the main system firmware (coreboot/PureBoot, in our case).

As with the system firmware, the EC firmware is tailored precisely for the board/device on which it runs. Development for the Librem-EC project is done, like all other Purism software development, on our Gitlab instance:

Updating Librem-EC on your Librem 14

Because of the role of the EC in a modern laptop, great care must be taken to ensure a successful update. While Purism is still working to automate the delivery and install of EC firmware updates, the manual steps below can be used in the meantime any time a Librem-EC update is released.