Eliminating Corporate Control and Data Capitalism

Surveillance capitalism is on the rise. Controlling your computer and data is big business, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have become billion dollar corporations by harvesting and selling your digital life for their profit.

Aren’t you tired of having your private life sold to the highest bidder?

Many operating systems, and all mobile operating systems forbid anonymous use. The Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the latest versions of Windows forbid installing apps without registration of personal information. This is not a technical necessity—it is because their business model relies on monitoring your personal data and usage.

Proprietary home assistants such as Amazon’s “Alexa”, Apple’s “Siri” or “Google Home” actively listen to everything that is being said in their vicinity, at all times. Recent iPhone versions use a multitude of cameras and sensors to scan your face, allowing not only for greater risks of stealth monitoring, but also abuse by criminals and hostile agents, forcing you to unlock your digital life without your consent, simply by putting your face next to your phone.

In contrast, Purism is an SPC with strong principles enshrined into its articles of incorporation, and Purism devices will never monitor you without your consent.

  • Do you want control over when you disclose your personal data?
  • Do you want a device that will not send your personal information to corporations and governments?
  • Do you want a mobile computer that doesn’t double as a tracking device?
  • Do you want to know that when you turn your device off, it’s really off?

If so, you want a Purism Librem. Read the “Threats & Corporate Control” section of our competition analysis to discover some of the issues that are minimized or eliminated by using a Purism Librem with PureOS.

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