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Android is a mobile operating system from Google, PureOS is both a mobile operating system and a desktop, server, and laptop operating system from Purism. PureOS is a convergent operating system because it runs on Purism Librem laptops, Librem Mini, and Librem 5 phone. PureOS is Free Software Foundation endorsed, contains no mystery code (all the source code is released under a free software license), and is therefore the most secure operating system because all the software can be verified that it does not spy on its users. PureOS can run on Intel or ARM devices.

Librem 5 Convergence

Android vs PureOS Competitive Chart

In the competition of Android vs PureOS there are are pros/cons when you are considering them. While PureOS has far fewer applications available in the PureOS Store compared to the Google Play Store, all the apps in PureOS are curated to not spy on the user and all the source code is released. The other benefits of PureOS compared to Android are listed in the following table:

AndroidLibrem 5
Mobile OS
Desktop OS
Convergent OS
All Source Code Released
Does Not Spy on Users
Avoids Bloatware
Does Not Phone Home
Fully Free Software
Lifetime OS Updates for Hardware

Avoid Big Tech with PureOS

If you desire to avoid big tech, and want to have peace-of-mind that your operating system is protecting you, and would prefer to not be tracked, then PureOS is the clear winner in the Android vs PureOS comparison.

Librem 5

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The Librem 5 represents the opportunity for you to take back control and protect your private information, your digital life through free and open source software, open governance, and transparency.

Video showcasing the Librem 5 “Birch” model