The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet: Liberty Phone

Best Crypto Hardware Wallet with Made in USA Electronics

The Liberty Phone is the most secure crypto hardware wallet available today in part because of Purism’s secure supply chain where all electronics are manufactured from reels of parts at Purism’s US based facility, ensuring that there are no hardware backdoors during fabrication nor international importing.


The Liberty Phone has the schematics released allowing peer review of the hardware itself. In addition to manufacturing the electronics in the USA, having fully auditable schematics is another reason why the Liberty Phone is the best crypto hardware wallet available.

Operating System

PureOS offers all the source code to the entire operating system and software with where all the security and testing can be verified and allows full peer review. Another reason the Liberty Phone is the most secure hardware wallet is because it was designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to privacy, security, and freedom.

Liberty Phone, the Best Crypto Hardware Wallet

Order Your Liberty Phone

If you want complete control over your device, source code, keys, and all data, then order your Liberty Phone and quickly realize the power in your hands confirming the Liberty Phone is the most secure crypto hardware wallet.