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Growing to Ship from Inventory in 2017

Thank you all for supporting Purism, with ordering hardware, donations, volunteering, downloading PureOS, using our products, and of course the kind words. We are excited to finally approach the transition from “build-to-order” (where users have tended to wait months for Librem products) to shipping from inventory, where new users will be waiting merely days for Librem products. This is the most important step we’re taking yet.

To do this, we are leveraging past sales revenue to get investment and a larger line-of-credit, so we can place an even larger order for all the supplies, hardware, and component parts needed to build and house inventory.

The Librem 13 v2 prototype
The Librem 13 v2 prototype

This larger order is expected to be placed in January, and we intend it to include: the Librem 13 v2, the Librem 15 v2, and the Librem 11 v1. There is typically an 8 week lead time for fabrication, which means placing our bulk inventory orders in January will allow us to fulfill the remaining preorders and backorders in March, and ship-from-inventory beginning in April of 2017.

This is a very exciting transition for Purism to grow to meet the demand of users worldwide, and we could not have done this without your support, so thank you again.

Apple’s Collecting User Calls and Messages, and How Purism Avoids This Type of Threat

Another day, another corporate surveillance story; this time it is Apple who decides to secretly send users’ call history, as well as messages, to the “cloud” (which in this case is iCloud servers, owned and controlled by Apple).

This brings up a number of issues we have spoken about before, that users who buy Apple products think they own the device, until the realization—through near daily stories reporting on Apple undermining the privacy of user data—that Apple actually owns the iPhone device, and that iOS users are simply renting it as well as the software and services that run on it.

The Problem

Apple, like Google and Microsoft, controls the software that runs on your phone. Those companies will not relinquish control of their devices nor software because users continue to buy and finance their bad practices of exploiting users.

The Solution

Use, support, and buy products that are completely free software, where the source code is available, so that all the software on your device can be controlled by the user, not the software giants who undermine digital rights.

Purism ships PureOS with its products, which is completely free software. Customers can also elect to have Qubes preinstalled, or to install their own operating sytsem. Purism hopes to get PureOS officially endorsed by the Free Software Foundation very soon. Additionally, in the long term Purism is working towards its ambitious goal to fully free its hardware and get hardware certification by the FSF, becoming the first manufacturer of “brand new” high-performance laptops to achieve this.

Android’s Secret Backdoor, and How Purism’s Business Model Avoids This Type of Threat

Security contractors recently discovered preinstalled software in some Android phones that monitors where users go, whom they talk to and what they write in text messages. Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press

Today we learned once more why utilizing pure free software where the source code is available is critical to protect users’ rights to privacy, security, freedom, and anonymity.

The New York Times points out that this latest security breach “shows how companies throughout the technology supply chain can compromise privacy, with or without the knowledge of manufacturers or customers.”

Let’s examine the problem and see what can be done about it. It’s not too late to stand up for your rights.

The Fundamental Problem

All phones and tablets on the market today suffer from the same problem: the code that operates those devices are a mystery to the users. In this specific case Google’s Android, but the same problem exists with Apple devices and Windows devices, where the operating system, software-updated firmware, and most software that runs on those devices do not have the source code available to verify that there are no backdoors sending your private data to unwanted third parties.

Purism Competitive Privacy Matrix

What this means is there is absolutely no way, for a user of Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, or any operating system that does not release all the source code, to guarantee he/she is not being illegally spied upon for nefarious reasons, corporate surveillance, government spying, and/or private data mining.

The tracking built into mobile devices is at every level imaginable. We need to create a better, digital rights respecting future for computing.

The Future of Computing

If we, as users, continue to morally and financially support Android, iOS, OSX, Windows or any other operating system that strip away the digital rights of users, we continue to advance a future where:

  • users are controlled for profit;
  • private data is mined for advertising revenue;
  • governments spy on people;
  • corporations capitalize on every user interaction;
  • security breaches involve staggering amounts of personal data, with enormous consequences for individuals—even worse than what we’ve been seeing in recent years.

Every time you purchase a device from hardware companies that pre-install Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, and other nonfree operating systems, you are contributing to the erosion of your rights. Buying an HTC device benefits HTC, Google, the carrier, and all software companies that preinstall their privacy-stripping binaries. Similarly, buying Apple benefits Apple, the carrier, and all software apps preinstalled or even later installed.

Current technology purchasing decisions,
Current technology purchasing decisions. Can you smell the smoke?

The Solution

  1. Use a free software operating system, where the source code is released.
  2. Use hardware that allows you to run a completely freed operating system, where there is no mystery binaries, no private data delivered anywhere, and most importantly that you control.
  3. Support companies and organizations like Purism, and know that every penny of a purchase goes to benefit the future of computing and the digital rights for users. Make informed purchasing decisions and support hardware manufacturers that push Free Software’s agenda all the way through the supply chain.

The Upcoming Purism Phone and services infrastructure

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Purism’s Zlatan Todorić is Officially a Debian Developer

Zlatan Todoric - Website HeadshotSometimes it’s nice for a little public congratulations for one of our team members, Zlatan Todorić is now officially a Debian Developer (DD). Becoming a DD is proof-positive of having devotion to free software, since Debian GNU/Linux is the gold standard for a high-quality user-respecting socially-responsible universal operating system.

Zlatan, while continuing to benefit Purism and its users by managing our technical team, will also be advancing Debian and its beliefs, which we are proud to say is a win-win for the world as a whole.

We are excited and honored to associate ourselves with talented developers such as Zlatan Todorić.

For more information about becoming a DD yourself head on over to

Note: Purism’s own PureOS is a fork of Debian GNU/Linux designed specifically to run on Librem hardware with software additions and changes that meets FSF endorsement criteria and protects users’ rights to privacy, security, and freedom by default.

4K At Last! Purism Librem 15 rev2 4K

We have had a long road to get to 4K in our second revision of the Librem 15 units. This has not been without frustration with supply chain delays, but we are finally finished testing a fully functional 4K prototype that is ready for mass production.


The story to get the 4K panel is full of ups, downs, twists, and turns. When we learned from one of our suppliers that we could get Samsung 4K panels in our Librem 15, we jumped at the opportunity. We prepaid for the panels, moved the Librem 15 line from 2K (1920×1080) to 4K (3840×2160), and asked if backers would like to get 2K or 4K, shipping 2K and holding the 4K until they would arrive, which moved most orders to 4K. All this was exciting, until Samsung’s 4K panels were on backorder, then backorder again, and again. We were in a real bind, because there was no alternative 4K screen, until LG entered the scene. We then requested a sample 4K screen from LG, modified the case and front panel to fit the new LG 4K screen. We then hit an additional delay on funding the screen purchase, tooling, and assembly, since we prepaid for the Samsung panels we had to look at how to cover the additional cost of LG screens. After juggling some pieces, such as refunds on the Samsung screens, negotiating lower cost from the delays with the supply chain to cover the screen price increase, and even supply chain funding, we got the LG based Librem 15 rev2 4k prototype approved and ready for mass production.


Now that we are approved for mass production on the Librem 15 rev2 4k, we can provide more accurate dates for delivery to backers as we approach receipt of the panels. LG expects to get us the full panel order within 6 to 8 weeks, and we will then assemble and ship through all our back orders within 3 to 4 weeks. Any new orders will be shipping after September.

Thank you for all the support, and patience, as we have worked through an unbelievably painful process working through the supply chain delays. We have learned a lot through this process, and are going to work even harder to avoid this type of delay ever again. We are looking to remove any supply chain delays in the future by raising funds to be able to order enough product to ship from stock.


Intel ME-less Petition Goal Met Early!

Thank you all who have signed the Intel ME-less petition to show Intel that there is enough interest in having Intel based CPUs that do not require the Management Engine to operate. We have already exceeded our goal of signatures nearly a month early!

Our next step, in this long journey, is to provide the petition results to our Account Manager within Intel, and to follow-up with them on future versions of the CPU. This petition also allows us to pursue ME disablement approaches with Intel as well, so we are using it for multiple paths to reaching the long-term goal of a freed BIOS/UEFI/Coreboot.

Newsletter 2016-06-07

1. Thank You!

First off we wanted to say “Thank You!” to all of you for helping build Purism to what it is today, we have a lot more we want to do, and with your continued support we can change the world for the better.

2. This Newsletter List

We are now combining all our lists from our Resellers, Sales, Petitions, Email, Forums, etc. into this single newsletter list we will utilize to keep you informed. We tried very hard to only include those who have opted-in to receive these newsletters, if you wish to unsubscribe just email: and you will be instructed how to unsubscribe.

3. Continuing to Ship!

We have been shipping the Librem 13 Laptops, the Librem 15 1080p Laptops, and will continue to ship through the order queue. We are evaluating the first 5 Librem 15 4k Laptops and will provide ship dates for those orders once we confirm them. In related news, we will be seeking larger investment so we can ship from stock for future orders.

5. The Librem 11

A workstation that converts to a laptop, that also converts into a tablet. This is the dream machine for a lot of users. Help support it!

Buy Now

6. Intel “Me-Less” Petition

During our last meeting with Intel, we discussed getting a petition to show Intel how much interest there is to have Intel create an “ME-less” CPU in the future. Please sign it!

Sign The Petition

7. Supply Chain Investment

We want to show our thanks for your support! We’ve deeply value your support of our business over the years and wouldn’t be here without it. Therefore, we want to share our success with you and show thanks for your support.

Invest & Earn Profits

All of us at Purism, are excited to announce our recent partnership with Kickfurther, a crowdfinancing platform to obtain financing for our recent growth as a company. Be a part of our success and earn money while doing so. We’re offering our fans the opportunity to earn 12% in 6.5 months for contributing and supporting us! Our business goes up on the Kickfurther site on Jun 9, 2016 at 5PM EST but we’re granting early access from the above link.

We’d much prefer paying interest to backers than we would to banks.

Signup through to instantly receive $5!

8. Equity Investment (Coming Soon)…

We are in the growth stage, looking to place much larger orders to begin shipping from stock, which means we must begin to seek investment. We will be sharing this investment opportunity with all our backers, if you qualify to invest we would love to have you on board! More information will be coming soon.

9. A Librem Phone is Coming

We are begining the stages to create a phone, your continued support with our existing products ensure we can create a phone designed to respect users’ rights to privacy, security, and freedom.

Thank you for your continued support!


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Petition for Intel to Release an ME-less CPU design

Please sign below, allowing Purism to provide this petition to our Intel Partner Account Manager that users want an “ME-less” CPU. “ME-less” is a defined term from within Intel created when discussing with Purism the need to have a CPU without the Management Engine (ME).

Intel ME-less Design Petition

This petition is now closed.

End date: Jul 19, 2016

Signatures collected: 1196

Signature goal: 1000

1,196 signatures


We, the users of Intel CPUs, petition Intel to release an “ME-less” CPU design for future CPUs.

Intel’s Management Engine (ME) is a threat to users’ digital rights. It is an unreadable binary file that is cryptographically signed by Intel, requiring users to compromise their security, privacy, and freedom because users must execute unknown and unverifiable code on the CPU.

I, the undersigned, request that Intel either release the source code under a free software license – allowing users to sign their own Management Engine, or that Intel release an “ME-less” CPU design for their CPUs.

Latest Signatures
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Librem 15 rev2 2k and 4k Status

We’ve written previously about the delays surrounding the 4k screens from Samsung both in this blog and on social media, and we now have more information that we can share.

We have received stock of our Librem 15 rev2 2k, the 1920x1080p screens, and will be fulfilling orders from that stock in the coming weeks. We are finalizing testing and OS loading this week and next.

We have found an alternative to Samsung for the 4k panels, from LG, so have ordered a handful of 4k prototype panels from LG. This allows us to leverage two suppliers to determine which one can provide us the back ordered 4k panels to fulfill the remaining Librem 15 rev2 4k panels.

The decision is up to you if you would like to accept the 1080p screens or continue to wait for the 4k.

Currently, we are reporting that the 4k screens will be made available to us in the “month of May.” However, considering the past supply chain delays, even with having two suppliers, it is safer to assume user delivery in June.

Your options are currently one of these three choices:

If you originally ordered a 1080p display and were then later upgraded to the 4k display, you will be getting the 1080p screen from your original 1080p order unless you specifically want to want for the 4k.

If you originally ordered a 4k display but are willing to downgrade to 1080p, you may do so now and your order will be filled. We will increase your memory, drive size, or drive type to compensate for the screen downgrade.

We appreciate your continued support and patience with this issue. Many of you have been more patient with us than some of us have been with Samsung. Please write us at with order details and your choice or any other questions that you may have.

Purism Warrant Canary Updated April 1st 2016

Before the first day of each quarter, Purism, following the general rules of warrant canaries, will update its own Warrant Canary page if none of the listed items occurs.


Warrant Canary, April 1st 2016

  1. We have not placed any backdoors into our software or hardware, and we have not complied with any requests to do so.
  2. We have not received, nor complied with any National Security Letters or FISA court orders.
  3. We have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court.
The next statement will be published on the first day of each quarter
(January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st)

What this is designed to do is to inform users that Purism has not been served with a secret government subpoena. If the warrant canary has not been updated in the time period specified by Purism, users are to assume that Purism has indeed been served with a secret subpoena. The intention is to allow Purism to warn users of the existence of a subpoena passively, without disclosing to others that the government has sought or obtained access to information or records under a secret subpoena. Warrant canaries have been found to be legal by the United States Justice Department, so long as they are passive in their notifications.