Our Story

Purism is the brainchild of our founder and CEO, Todd Weaver. In 2014, watching his daughters growing up, Todd was increasingly concerned about the exploitative direction of the tech industry; out of this concern, he launched a crowdfund to form Purism – a company dedicated to freedom, privacy, and security.

Today, Purism continues to successfully deliver freedom respecting, privacy protecting, and security focused products and services that people trust, and feel safe in using.

Cybersecurity and privacy protection are growing concerns in the industry, both are rooted in digital freedoms and the rights we as society demand. For too long, the tech industry has used products and services that abuse personal information and create an unsafe environment – where people like you have become the product. Purism is invested in creating an ethical computing environment, with quality services and products that people will find convenient to use and beautiful to look upon. An environment you can reliably trust.

As a social purpose company, we can prioritize our principles over profit. Our mission to provide freedom, privacy, and security will always come first above all else. You see, you are our primary shareholder.