• Carlsbad, CA

Purism SPC is rapidly expanding and is in need of an on-site operations director to handle general operations and facility management, overseeing inventory, assembly, manufacturing, quality control, fulfillment, all as a full-time role. If you are eager to be part of Purism’s growing team, and have operational experience, please apply. This role is full-time and local to the San Diego/Carlsbad region, primarily driving the build-up of a new on-site facility, hiring and managing staff, as well as working with and coordinating with a supporting team (support, finance, development) of decentralized workers across many timezones.

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Scope of work (i.e. what you have to worry about)

Reporting directly to the CEO or an acting COO, and working directly with the CSO and CTO, we are looking for team members who are engaging, hyper-organized, fun, detail oriented, and with good team collaborative communication skills who will help plan and organize the entire growing operations, ordering, inventory, shipping, quality control, returns, facility management, customer support, and repairs as well as working with accounting and purchasing requirements.

Purism is constantly advancing its mission to create an ethical digital world, and this operations director role will be instrumental in sharing that vision of promoting the social purpose of Purism.

Primary objectives:

  • Facility Management.
  • Hiring, Contracts, Terminations.
  • Operational Management.
  • Quality Control.
  • Shipping, Receiving, Returns, Repairs.
  • Assembly Management.
  • Manufacturing Management.

Secondary objectives:

  • Utilizing free software tools, LibreCalc, ERPNext.
  • Help organize documents and contracts.


  • Energetic, proactive go-getter person who can engage with a core local operations team, and a distributed team across decentralized tools, email, cloud storage, and real-time chat.
  • Extremely well-organized and motivated to accelerate our mission engaging in ethical secure computing environments, able to interact with minimal supervision or pushing.
  • 4+ years of experience in operations.

Are you really ready for this?

We need to be clear that this is a full-time job that will keep you fully occupied, and is an on-site job as the manager of the facility and the staff.

Some details for applying

Please use this template as your email:

  • Subject line: “On-site Operations Director – your_name_here
  • What are you good at?
  • How you got good at it?
  • Why would you like to be involved with Purism?

Please note that it will take some weeks for us to review applicants and get back to you.

Apply for job

To apply for this job email your details to todd@puri.sm