Alternatives to Google Services

How to live a digital life avoiding Google

For a lot of people the default Internet tools are from Google: Search, email (gmail), videos (youtube), web browser (chrome), cloud services (gsuite), mobile OS (android), etc. – Google uses a classic business tactic of build a free moat of its services to surround its castle (Search/Data/Advertising) therefore is the major player in all these fields. Google uses your treasure trove of usage data it gathers across all its services to exploit your digital life for its massive profits.

The majority of people care about their digital footprint, and only use Google services because it is the convenient default. We at Purism are working to change that by offering convenient defaults that respect your digital rights and put you in complete control. Here is a list of alternatives we provide and others provide that help you avoid Google (and in turn other Big Tech). We also avoid listing alternatives that are based on Google services.

The absolute best way to help your business avoid the damage of ransomware is to have offline backups that can be restored. This method is simple, inexpensive, and the most effective. It ensures that if your primary data is encrypted and put up for ransom, that your backup is not. If you have online backups, some ransomware will encrypt your online backups too. If you have offline backups, you can wipe and reload from known good data. Your organization will only lose the difference from the last offline backup and the time the ransomware locked you out.

Alternatives to Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a longstanding alternative to Google Chrome, it was publicly available for many years before Google entered the market with its own browser. It is available in PureOS and available on the Librem 5 phone.

Web Browser

Purism’s default browser is GNOME Web (aka Epiphany), this is a lightweight, fast, privacy respecting, free software alternative to Google Chrome.

TorBrowser by Tor Project

If you are desiring additional strength in privacy protection it is recommended to use TorBrowser by the Tor Project.

Alternative to Google Android


PureOS by Purism, is the only alternative to Google Android (also avoiding Apple iOS) that is not based on some Google parts that is both a mobile OS and a desktop OS. PureOS is the default Operating System on the Librem 5 phone, a secure alternative to Google Pixel phones or any phone running Android.

Alternative to Google Pixel

Librem 5

The Librem 5, running PureOS, is the ideal alternative to Google Pixel phones since the Librem 5 avoids Google services altogether and offers ideal security putting you in complete control of your digital life.

Alternative to Google Search


DuckDuckGo is the default browser in PureOS Web Browser, and therefore has been selected by Purism to be the best search alternative to Google.

Alternative to Google Gmail

Librem Mail (Part of Librem One)

Librem One is a bundle of services that are alternatives to Google services, Librem Mail offers an encrypted email alternative to Gmail, and is growing in both users as well as tighter integration within PureOS and the Librem line of products from Purism.

Alternative to Google Drive


Nextcloud is a cloud storage service that you can host yourself—on your own Librem Mini even—that offers storage, calendaring, and other services to compete against Google Drive and Google GSuite.

Alternative to Google Hangouts (and Zoom)


Jisti is a stable, reliable, and useful alternative to Google Hangouts as well as Zoom, it utilizes standards based web video conferencing and offers self-hosting within your domain for ultimate control.

Alternative to Google Analytics


Being able to self host your own analytics within your domain is critically important to respect your website visitors from Google tracking, therefore Matomo (formerly Piwik) is the ideal alternative to Google Analytics.

Alternative to Google Translate


Apertium is a great alternative to Google Translate, it is a free and open-source translation platform that provides a language independent machine translation engine that works remarkably well.

Avoiding Big Tech including Google is a growing need, and Purism understands better than most, that convenient alternatives is the most influential path to creating a future where the digital rights of people are fully respected.

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