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Replenishing the inventory — The new Librem 13 to be manufactured and shipped through the spring of 2017

True to the promise we have made last month, we are thrilled to announce that today, February 15th, 2017, we are placing orders throughout our supply chain for all components needed for the Librem 13 v2 to begin shipping-from-inventory in April-May onwards! This comes after months of efforts to:

  • upgrade parts of our supply chain, case, backlit keyboard, kill switches, and battery;
  • close investment to place a large-enough order that we can have inventory to ship directly from.

This is a critical step. Future Librem 13 orders, from April-May onwards, will only take days to fulfill. Incrementally throughout 2017, this will become the way we fulfill orders for all our existing products.

A last minute opportunity to hop onto this batch

As we are purchasing supplies to create a large inventory of Librem 13 v2 units, any extra Librem 13 orders placed between today and March 15th will be added on top of this large order and can thus be expected to ship at the same time (estimated time of arrival to you: April-May, 2017). So if any of you were waiting for the opportunity to buy units that would ship quickly to you, now is your best opportunity—and you’ll be supporting us in the process, creating a virtuous circle. Please spread the word to those around you as well!

Will this batch ship with coreboot preinstalled?

Most likely. We will try as much as possible to squeeze this into the manufacturing schedule as we are nearing completion on our coreboot porting and validation for the Librem 13 v1 (more news coming soon), but we’re not making hard guarantees about having it ready just yet. If the timeframe is too tight to preinstall it on units to be shipped in April-May, we will offer to have your order wait until we can pre-install coreboot, or provide you with tools and instructions to install it yourself through a simple software update.

What about the Librem 11 and 15?

Our 13″ laptop being the most popular model, we’re fulfilling orders for this product line as the first batch of 2017, simultaneously creating inventory for future Librem 13 orders. For those who have preordered Librem 15 and Librem 11 units, you will have to wait a little bit longer, but not very long: this new Librem 13 batch, and our ability to finally ship the Librem 13 from inventory, will help us gain the financial leverage we need to do the same for the Librem 11 and Librem 15 soon afterwards. We’re hoping to achieve this during the beginning of the summer (or earlier). We will keep you updated on our progress—for now, we just need to be careful and do things one step at a time.

Thanks for your support!

Newsletter 2016-06-07

1. Thank You!

First off we wanted to say “Thank You!” to all of you for helping build Purism to what it is today, we have a lot more we want to do, and with your continued support we can change the world for the better.

2. This Newsletter List

We are now combining all our lists from our Resellers, Sales, Petitions, Email, Forums, etc. into this single newsletter list we will utilize to keep you informed. We tried very hard to only include those who have opted-in to receive these newsletters, if you wish to unsubscribe just email: announce-leave@announce.puri.sm and you will be instructed how to unsubscribe.

3. Continuing to Ship!

We have been shipping the Librem 13 Laptops, the Librem 15 1080p Laptops, and will continue to ship through the order queue. We are evaluating the first 5 Librem 15 4k Laptops and will provide ship dates for those orders once we confirm them. In related news, we will be seeking larger investment so we can ship from stock for future orders.

5. The Librem 11

A workstation that converts to a laptop, that also converts into a tablet. This is the dream machine for a lot of users. Help support it!

Buy Now

6. Intel “Me-Less” Petition

During our last meeting with Intel, we discussed getting a petition to show Intel how much interest there is to have Intel create an “ME-less” CPU in the future. Please sign it!

Sign The Petition

7. Supply Chain Investment

We want to show our thanks for your support! We’ve deeply value your support of our business over the years and wouldn’t be here without it. Therefore, we want to share our success with you and show thanks for your support.

Invest & Earn Profits

All of us at Purism, are excited to announce our recent partnership with Kickfurther, a crowdfinancing platform to obtain financing for our recent growth as a company. Be a part of our success and earn money while doing so. We’re offering our fans the opportunity to earn 12% in 6.5 months for contributing and supporting us! Our business goes up on the Kickfurther site on Jun 9, 2016 at 5PM EST but we’re granting early access from the above link.

We’d much prefer paying interest to backers than we would to banks.

Signup through https://kickfurther.com/s/2qbt4zz8ls to instantly receive $5!

8. Equity Investment (Coming Soon)…

We are in the growth stage, looking to place much larger orders to begin shipping from stock, which means we must begin to seek investment. We will be sharing this investment opportunity with all our backers, if you qualify to invest we would love to have you on board! More information will be coming soon.

9. A Librem Phone is Coming

We are begining the stages to create a phone, your continued support with our existing products ensure we can create a phone designed to respect users’ rights to privacy, security, and freedom.

Thank you for your continued support!


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