The Librem 5 is an open network phone, not locked to any particular network.

For the time being we only offer BroadMobi BM818 modem. Three variants are available, BM818-A1 (Americas), BM818-E1 (Europe), BM818-T1 (Asia, Australia, New Zealand).

Here’s the detailed list of bands supported:

  BroadMobi BM818
EGSM 900 MHz
DCS 1800 MHz
PCS 1900 MHz
CDMA BC0 800 MHz
B2 1900 MHz
B3 1800 MHz
B4 1700 MHz
B5 850 MHz
B8 900 MHz
LTE-FDDB1 2100 MHz
B2 1900 MHz
B3 1800 MHz
B4 1700 MHz
B5 850 MHz
B7 2600 MHz
B8 900 MHz
B12 700 MHz
B13 700 MHz
B17 700 MHz
B20 800 MHz
B25 1900 MHz
B26 850 MHz
B28 700 MHz
B66 1700 MHz
TDD-LTEB34 2000 MHz
B38 2600 MHz
B39 1900 MHz
B40 2300 MHz
B41 2500 MHz

Using, you can find your carrier under your country to see which bands are supported by them. However, keep in mind that not all of these bands may be available in your area.

To find out which LTE bands are available from cell towers in your area, you can look at Additionally, if you call your carrier they may tell you which LTE bands are available in your area but they also may not divulge this information.

Note that some carriers do not allow devices on their networks unless devices are approved by themselves.

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