When ordering laptop or mini desktop you have option to select an USB memory flash drive to your order. They are 16 GB (5 Gbit/s max speed) and offer 3-in-1 USB port support: USB-C, USB-A and mini-USB. You can also order separately from a dedicated shop page: https://shop.puri.sm/shop/usb-flash-drive/.

However we do not ship them empty—they come with a bootable system, meaning you can boot a system from them. You can select from following options:

* PureOS OEM → OEM installer: it will boot into a working system from where you can start installer and pre-configure your computer for PureOS, so that when you first time start the computer you will have to complete initial setup.
* PureOS live → a “live” system: it will boot into a working system, you can use it just like a usual PureOS system, but instead it runs completely from the USB flash drive (and does not write to your internal hard disks). From the “live” session you can start system installer if you like and install (or re-install) PureOS to your internal hard disk drives.
* Qubes OS → Qubes OS installer: it will start Qubes OS system install procedure so that you can install Qubes OS on your computer. Qubes OS is not developed by Purism, so refer to Qubes OS documentation if you need help installing (or using) this operating system.

NOTE: In any case you can simply format the USB flash drive and use it as a portable USB storage device (Purism branded).

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