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We are excited to announce Librem SIMple: an affordable cellular plan that protects your privacy.

When we announced Librem AweSIM our goal was simple: provide a cellular service that protected your privacy. Cellular providers in the US are creating unified customer identifiers so they can “identify users across multiple devices and serve them relevant advertising.” With Librem AweSIM only we know the link between a phone number and a customer’s personal information.

Most companies think data is gold, and that’s why they are double-dipping from their paying customers to monetize customer data. We think data is uranium. We collect the minimum amount of customer data necessary to provide a service, and get rid of it once we no longer need it.

Librem 5 with Librem AweSIM Service

AweSIM started as a premium $99/month fully unlimited prepaid plan . Since it has launched, a number of customers have told us they want the privacy protections AweSIM provides, but don’t need unlimited data and the premium that goes with it. Recently we have updated the back-end infrastructure that powers AweSIM so we can scale the service. That change now allows us to offer a new plan we are calling “Librem SIMple” that provides the same privacy protections, but with a 1GB monthly data limit and a $39/month price. We will also still be offering AweSIM with unlimited talk, text, and data for $99/month. Currently both services are for the US, with roaming included within the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

SIMple is designed to work with Librem 5, and we are offering it as an add-on to existing Librem 5 orders before they ship. Customers who add AweSIM or SIMple service to their Librem 5 order get a phone that is ready out of the box to send and receive phone calls, texts, and use cellular data. Of course this isn’t a Librem 5-only service. You can also use AweSIM or SIMple on other unlocked phones in the US.

In a world that wants to track every move you make, it’s important to have alternatives that protect your privacy. Our hope is that by expanding AweSIM with a more affordable service, we can offer privacy protection to a wider range of people. Whether you use a Librem 5 or another unlocked phone, SIMple gives you a basic cellular plan with privacy protections at an affordable price. Sign up now!

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