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The Purism team enjoys celebrating across all time zones. So far this year we’ve posted in celebration of Women’s Day, Pi Day and Towel Day–and today we’re celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Because behind every network, big or small, system administrators are working hard to make sure that servers are secure, updates are painless and metaphorical fires are quickly put out. They frequently go beyond their job description to provide additional support to individual users on the network.

One big, well-kept secret is that most of the Internet runs on free software. The other big secret is that all of the Internet runs on SysAdmins.

So today we’d like to thank our SysOps team for their tireless work, juggling the demands of company resources, our shop and various websites, as well as our Librem One services. Your laptop, services –and soon your phone–will make their way to you in large part thanks to the infrastructure they maintain.

We’d also like to thank other members of our team who contribute to the DevOps process.

If you’re feeling generous, send a shout-out to the admins of the network you’re using right now (your ISP, school or work LAN, phone operator) and say thanks for their hard work! And on a day when something goes wrong, don’t forget to send a little #hugops their way 🤗

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