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We have been getting a lot of questions related to our announcement of the Librem 5 shipping schedule. Here, we will post the answers to some frequently asked questions, and update this document as new questions come in.

Q: The shipping announcement says the first batch of the Librem 5 will have a “loose fit”. Does this mean the phones will be low-quality?

A: Every Librem 5 that rolls off the assembly line will be a high-quality smartphone. Every component, tested and lovingly assembled. “Loose fit” in this case leaves us room to have ribbon cables, antenna cables, camera spacer and LED alignment have a looser tolerance than later batches.

Q: The first batch of Librem 5s is listed as having “unfinished switch caps”. What does that mean?

A: That the hardware kill switches will be the bare switch pole, without the ergonomic covers on top that will make them easier and more comfortable to use.

Q: Will all software updates be released for all shipping batches of the Librem 5? If I get batch Birch, will I get the same software updates as later batches?

A: Yes! All batches will receive the same software updates at the same time. That means new (and updated) applications will arrive at the same time, no matter which batch you received.

Q: If I receive the Librem 5 from one of the first batches, will I have a fully functional phone?

A: Yes! Even the very earliest batches will be capable smartphone, including a modern web browser and core cell phone functionality.

Q: How do I know which shipping batch my order will be part of?

A: You will receive an email letting you know which shipment batch you are scheduled to be part of, based on your place in the queue.

Q: Will it be possible to replace the case (or other components) in the Librem 5 I receive with parts from a later batch?

A: Very likely, yes: screw-holes in the PCBA and basic mechanical design are unlikely to change; minor adjustments for ease of assembly or antenna placement are examples of case modifications between batches.

Q: Can the operating system the Librem 5 ships with (the GNU/Linux based PureOS) be replaced with another operating system?

A: Yes! There are community efforts underway to port UBports, Plasma, and PostmarketOS to the Librem 5. We will be publishing a blog post soon with details about the progress of these projects. However, Purism has invested heavily in PureOS for the Librem 5 and will only be able to support PureOS on the Librem 5 directly.

Q: What is PureOS, exactly?

A: PureOS is a GNU/Linux-based operating system, which powers all of the privacy-focused laptops Purism ships. PureOS has been lovingly and painstakingly optimized for the touch screen of the Librem 5. PureOS is also Free Software Foundation endorsed.

Q: I REALLY want one of the Librem 5s from the first batch (Aspen)! Pretty please?

A: Thank you for asking politely! We will be assigning each customer a batch according to when their order was placed. If a customer in an earlier batch chooses to wait for a later batch, we will reassign that slot.

Q: If I order today, what shipping batch will I be in and when will my Librem 5 arrive?

A: Orders placed today will likely fall in Batch Evergreen. Order now to secure your place in line–we are doing everything we can to process orders faster than the queue is filling up, and will continue in that effort.


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