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Power-management improvements continue to find their way into PureOS. We still have a ways to go before the battery can make it through a day, but progress is steady. Let’s go over a few of the latest changes.


Apps can now detect the charging state and various usb-c properties. This could come in handy for applications that want to reduce load when on battery power.

The USB-C power delivery controller was overloading the first CPU core with lots of interrupts. This interrupt storm has been resolved, allowing the processor to actually process things other than interrupts.

The system clock now keeps track of time, even while off. If you are without a network connection to set the clock, the time on the Librem 5 should stay set, even if powered off for an extended period.


The modem module can now reach a deeper sleep state to extend battery life further.

A true low power suspend mode has been just out of reach for the Librem5. Once working, the suspend mode will be a good way to help save battery life.
Martin from our development team is working directly with the Linux Kernel Mailing List to resolve the issue. You can follow that thread here.


The goal is clear, make the Librem 5 last at least a day of regular use. Optimizations keep getting pushed down to the Librem 5 repos, getting us closer and closer every update.

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