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SF, CA, US – Purism is excited to announce its first public offering of shares on StartEngine, with a minimum investment of $500.00.

Thanks to Regulation CF, Purism is able to offer to the public the first opportunity to own a piece of Purism via the StartEngine platform.

Join Purism’s journey in redefining technology with integrity, empowering your digital life with freedom, privacy, and security.

At Purism, we’re not just building technology; we’re cultivating a movement. We believe in a digital future where technology empowers, not exploits, its users. Our suite of top-tier computers, phones, software, and services are designed with one purpose: to put you in control.

As we embark on our next bold step, we need your support. Invest and become an owner in Purism through StartEngine to bring our vision to life: a world where technology serves humanity, not the other way around.

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation, making high quality, safe, and secure hardware and software available to everyday users. It started in 2014, with crowdfunding a 15-inch laptop with a quarter million-dollar funding goal. Since then, it has built sophisticated portfolio of digitally responsible, high-quality, and safe products, services, and tech add-ons that focus on privacy and freedom. Purism envisions a future safe from digital exploitation and a secure and respectful environment for everyone.

For more information contact marketing@puri.sm

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