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Purism CEO Todd Weaver made an appearance on the TWiT network on Saturday August 6th, 2016 with host Leo Laporte on the online TV show The New Screen Savers. Todd and Leo discussed Purism’s Librem line of products and what sets them apart from other free and non-free offerings, the importance of Free/Libre and Open-Source software, our operating system and web browser, and Purism’s philosophy and future plans.

Todd spoke with Leo about the hardware found inside our 13 and 15 inch Librem laptops, and how they are as freedom-respecting as currently technologically possible in a modern machine, with less possibility of including a backdoor. Todd spoke about recent Intel processors’ “Management Engine”, breaking down the issue of having a potential backdoor in Intel chips commonly found in modern computers, then proceeded to explain how Purism circumvents this privacy and security issue (see also our related article to learn more about how Purism avoids the Intel AMT remote access backdoor).

Purism hopes to work with Intel to strip out parts of the ME that many computer professionals feel is a privacy invasion, and began a petition that quickly garnered over 1000 signatures.

Weaver explained the goals of our operating system, PureOS, which is to provide an OS that is entirely respectful of your personal freedom, privacy and security.

Additional discussion was had on how we manufacture our own motherboards, how we source hardware (see our business model), the fact that we do not participate in the “surveillance capitalism” commonly found with larger companies, and our future goal of manufacturing a privacy-centric and “no-carrier” phone, providing a set of fully encrypted communication tools.

You can buy these laptops directly from our store. Questions or comments? Let us know at feedback@puri.sm

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