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SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2020 — Purism, a Social Purpose Company (SPC) focusing on security and privacy with its hardware and software, has launched Librem AweSIM a $99/mo unlimited privacy-centric cellular service.

Librem AweSIM allows customers to get a pre-paid monthly unlimited cellular plan from Purism that works with the Librem 5 phone. This cellular service plan costs $99 per month and includes a new phone number, unlimited talk, text, and data, and is able to be canceled at any time. Librem AweSIM will be available to customers in the United States to start.

Librem AweSIM will allow a customer to conveniently get a pre-configured Librem 5 phone shipped direct that will have cellular service, phone, data, and SIM card ready-to-go upon powering it on. Customers will also get an additional layer of privacy against targeted tracking by cellular providers since the account is registered under Purism’s name with the backbone provider.

The benefits of subscribing to Librem AweSIM include: monthly unlimited cellular service, a phone number registered and operated under Purism, helps fund additional developmental services offered from Purism, is backed by a Social Purpose Company and movement to build an ethical technological future.

“Librem AweSIM is an awesome way to offer convenience to people who would like to get a Librem 5 that just works out of the box. It also allows for us to fund the change around what mobile virtual network operators should function like.” — Todd Weaver, CEO and Founder of Purism.

Librem AweSIM is available to order today, and will get activated and ship with your Librem 5.

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