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When we first announced that the Librem 5 would default to the BM818 modem, we listed US and EU variants of the modem that support different frequencies that are in use in those regions. While there are frequency overlaps throughout the world (this is why you can take a phone between the US and Europe and have it work for the most part), having a modem that supports all of your local frequencies ensures the best performance.

Ever since it was discovered that there was a T1 variant to the BM818 modem for the Librem 5, we have gotten questions from our friends in the Asia Pacific region about whether we would offer it. We didn’t want to announce anything until we had modems and could test them in the Librem 5 to ensure they work but I’m happy to announce we just completed that testing and it works!

We will be adding the T1 modem variant to our shop shortly, and for customers in that region, when you get your shipping notification email, we will default to that modem, but you can of course choose the US or EU variant if you prefer.

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