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Secure Personal Data with Librem AweSIM

Designed for those concerned about the security of their private information, Purism recently upgraded Librem AweSIM, a prepaid cellular service that puts user privacy first. With the Librem AweSIM, users’ personal information is never sold, disclosed, or even seen by the big telecom carriers. Launched in Oct 2020, subscribers can now port their existing phone numbers to their secure alternative.

Chief Security Officer, Kyle Rankin says “Moving my personal number over to AweSIM means my cellular data is now private and protected. Earlier, I was locked in Google’s ecosystem, including a Google Fi cellular plan. I wanted to replace that plan to protect my privacy for a long time, but I discovered that the alternatives also tracked and sold customer data. With AweSIM and added security features of the Librem 5, my phone has become a privacy haven.”

Cybersecurity and privacy protection are important concern for both consumers and businesses. For far too long, the telecommunication technology industry has used products and services that control the users and their data. Purism, is a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) based in the United States, is fully invested in creating secure digital ecosystem. For the past 8 years, it has focused on designing security-first services and products that people will find convenient to use.

Librem AweSIM is available in the US, for $99 per month, subscribers get

Unlimited talk and text
Unlimited high-speed 4G-LTE data*
Ability to send texts globally to over 160 countries at no additional cost
Roaming within the US, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico

Video streaming at full speed

* After using 20GB of data in a particular month, data may be slowed to 128Kbps for remainder of the month

Librem AweSIM card can be ordered with Librem 5 or Librem 5 USA phone, or be used as a standalone prepaid cellular service to use in other unlocked phones.

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