Déjà Dup is the recommended way to backup your data on all Librem hardware. It allows you to schedule backups or restore past backups.

Before you run a backup, you’ll need to set up somewhere for the backup to go. In most cases, that will be an internal SD card. FAT32 will work for backups but is not ideal because it lacks support for large files. Likewise, larger SDs come with an NTFS partition, which is not suitable for use with PureOS. The solution is to reformat your SD with EXT4. Install Gparted and you’re off.

With an SD card installed and formatted, you can open the backups app, and select the files you want and don’t want to be backed up, then start a backup.

Restoring after a backup is straightforward and intuitive. Select the backup by date and let the restore begin.

If you run into issues starting GParted. Try applying this workaround:

sudo apt install x11-xserver-utils
DISPLAY=:0 xhost +SI:localuser:root

As the video pointed out, you may also need to install python-gobject if you see the error: No module named gi.repository.

sudo apt install -y python-gobject

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