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Todd Weaver

With the Major iPhone FaceTime bug that lets you hear the audio of the person you are calling… before they pick up, it’s probably a good time to remind everyone how Purism gives you peace of mind – because with Purism, your device protects you by default.

Hardware Kill Switches.


What this means is that there’s a physical switch that severs the circuit to your webcam and microphone.

Because you cannot really trust software you cannot verify. And since Apple™’s FaceTime™ is not Free Software – with its source code released so that anyone can verify their security claims, like the one we use at Purism – how can you trust what cannot be verified?

At Purism, both our Librem laptops, and the upcoming Librem 5 phone include this rather simple switch, that makes it remarkably easy to guarantee that the camera and microphone have no electrical circuit enabled.

See? Powerful simple privacy protection built into all Purism products by default.

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