The Librem 13 and 14 come in a similar footprint, but with some notable improvements in this latest generation.

Enjoy a 14″ screen, full-sized Ethernet, and high-quality audio output over AUX or Bluetooth.

New to the Librem 14 is front and center hardware kill switches. These have indication LEDs and are shielded when the laptop lid is closed.

A glance at the charging and sleeping indication LED will give you some idea of the state your laptop is in.

When it comes to raw performance, both the Librem 13 and 14 have a lot to offer on the go. If you’re using 1 to 4 threads, the Librem 14 is up to a 1/3 faster.

The Librem 14 starts to show its true power with multi-core workloads because of its six-core, twelve-thread 10th generation i7 CPU.

Blender is excellent at using multi-threaded systems, and it shows in the blender benchmark on the two laptops. This new generation is twice the laptop when it comes to Blender render times.

With all 12 threads on the Librem 14 in use is when you’ll see a huge performance increase..

If you want to build a project from source, the Librem 14 is a workhorse. All in all, you’ll build the Linux kernel 44% faster when using all 12 threads on the Librem 14.

With each generation of laptop, we endeavor to pack in as much power while still being respectful and convenient to use.

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