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Although we’re well into 2020, the changelog-style software progress reports for the turn of the year have yet to be published. Let’s fix that by giving a brief update of what happened in December.

Some of the activities below were already mentioned in their own articles in Purism’s news archive; others will be covered in more depth in future articles. This is just a taste of all the work that goes into making the Librem 5 software stack. You can follow development more closely at source.puri.sm.

Power management

Improvements to Librem 5 battery charging and management, along with work on suspend management continue to help with heat, power and battery life issues.


The virtual (on-screen) keyboard continues to grow and evolve, with performance improvements and new visual features.


Initial work on light and motion sensors build the foundations for future work to integrate them into the shell.

Shell and Compositor

Work to improve application handling continues alongside improvements to visual aspects that help to show the state of wireless and cellular network connections.


Some parts of the system need work to ensure that everything works together as intended. These don’t always get the attention they deserve but help to make the system robust, and need to function correctly so that higher level components work properly.


Care is taken with the design so that the applications and system as a whole behave intuitively and consistently.


The applications and system components themselves continue to see improvements and new additions. This includes necessary work on upstream and backend software.


During December new releases of core components were made.


As the stack grows more mature, some builds are no longer needed, especially since we target the aarch64 architecture with the Librem 5.

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