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Purism’s Made in USA phone, Librem 5 USA uses a tighter supply chain. It is powered by PureOS, and designed for longevity. Standard orders ship within 10 days.


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- Purism is now shipping its latest privacy-first smartphone, Librem 5 USA within 10 days for standard orders. The phone is built for those seeking digital security and privacy with a transparent, secure supply chain with manufacturing in the USA. This makes Librem 5 USA one of the most secure alternatives to the iOS and Android phones offered by the big tech companies. The new Librem 5 USA adheres to strict US labor, environmental, and materials laws with US-based staff. It brings together trusted hardware and secure software—all in one phone.

The Librem 5 USA phone is powered by PureOS, a freedom respecting, open source, and fully verifiable operating system that is neither based on Android nor iOS. PureOS on the Librem 5 USA demonstrates real convergence, where the device becomes more than just a phone, it becomes a full-featured pocket-sized computer that can act like a desktop when connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, or even a laptop (or tablet) when connected to a laptop docking station.

The Librem 5 USA phone is equipped with unique hardware kill switches to disconnect the cellular modem, WiFi and Bluetooth, and microphone & cameras. It is built for longevity. Purism supports the right to repair, and those who would like to modify, repair or upgrade their phones themselves, the spare parts are also available on their e-shop.

“Even amidst several supply chain challenges, thanks to the expertise available in our team, we have been ramping up our production for Librem 5 USA over the past weeks not just to fulfill all the outstanding orders, but to ensure we have a steady supply of phones to prepare for the influx of new orders” informed Kyle Rankin, President, Purism.

Purism also offers Anti-Interdiction services for Librem 5 USA, a unique service for those facing extreme threats or just want peace of mind. Customers can choose extra protection against tampering and add Anti-Interdiction to their orders.

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation, making high quality, safe, and secure hardware and software available to everyday users. It started in 2014, with crowdfunding a 15-inch laptop with a quarter million-dollar funding goal. Since then, it has built sophisticated portfolio of digitally responsible, high-quality, and safe products, services, and tech add-ons that focus on privacy and freedom. Purism envisions a future safe from digital exploitation and a secure and respectful environment for everyone.

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