FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Purism has added a new model to the Librem L1UM product line with new hardware designed to protect infrastructure, including critical infrastructure.

There are numerous threats posed by nation-state hackers, criminal organizations, and bad actors who are constantly exploiting vulnerabilities within networks that operate critical infrastructure posing numerous security, privacy, and safety threats to individuals, as well as government agencies and businesses.

Purism is centered on manufacturing secure and private smartphones, laptops, PCs, and servers that run a secure Linux based OS, PureOS.

PureOS is well supported by all of the security benefits of open-source code which can be audited in real time exposing attempts to hack or tamper with the code by adding malware, including ransomware, during the provisioning process adding an optimum level of security for the supply chain.

Purism is excited to announce that the Librem L1UM v2 will help protect networks, including critical infrastructure solving a pain point of lower-level security build by Purism and included by default.

Enclosed below is a list of specifications and security features of the Librem L1UM v2:

  • Librem L1UM v2 is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor with up to 8 cores, up to 128 GB RAM, and dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
  • Up to 7 storage devices can be installed, including one M.2 SSD.
  • Librem L1UM v2 is designed for PureBoot, our high-security tamper-evident firmware.
  • Combined with Librem Key, tamper detection is cryptographically guaranteed with indicator LEDs designed to be visible over a security camera.
  • Librem L1UM v2 ships with the Intel Management Engine disabled for maximum security.
  • Purism offers our Manufacturer Warranty and customizable Enterprise Support packages to meet the unique needs of each business.
  • For added security in transit, Purism offers anti-interdiction service to verify that hardware has not been tampered with.

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