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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Purism Announces that they are now offering SLNT® Faraday Bags to Enhance their customers Security and Privacy. 

SLNT Inc, the leading provider of high-end signal blocking patented Faraday bags, is pleased to announce their products will now be available through Purism, a company known for their security and privacy-focused software, phones, and laptops, including the Librem 5.

Both companies bring their expertise and experience to provide an unparalleled level of security and privacy protection for customers. Purism’s commitment to free and open-source software, open governance, and transparency aligns perfectly with SLNT’s mission to empower humanity to reclaim their right to disconnect. 

The Librem 5 phone is the perfect representation of this cooperation, providing users with the opportunity to take back control of their digital lives and protect their private information with cutting-edge security features. With the Librem 5, users can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is secure and their privacy is protected. 

“Purism is a natural fit to showcase SLNT,” said Aaron Zar, CEO of SLNT Inc. “Both companies are committed to providing the highest level of security and privacy.” 

Kyle Rankin, President of Purism added:” We believe in defense in depth, and providing convenient security measures that are always under the customer’s control. With SLNT products, combined with our hardware kill switches, you get multiple layers of protection and assurance that your device isn’t transmitting when you don’t want it to.”

The addition of SLNT products to Purism’s store will allow customers a comprehensive security and privacy solution, combining high-end Faraday security products with cutting-edge software and hardware. Together, SLNT Inc and Purism are leading the way in the fight to protect users’ privacy and data, and this partnership represents a significant step forward in that mission.

For more information, visit www.slnt.com and https://puri.sm/






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