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GNOME Foundation Partners with Purism to Support Its Efforts to Build the Librem 5 Smartphone

Orinda, CA/San Francisco, September 19, 2017 – The GNOME Foundation has provided their endorsement and support of Purism’s efforts to build the Librem 5, which if successful will be the world’s first free and open smartphone with end-to-end encryption and enhanced user protections. The Librem 5 is a hardware platform the Foundation is interested in advancing as a GNOME/GTK phone device. The GNOME Foundation is committed to partnering with Purism to create hackfests, tools, emulators, and build awareness that surround moving GNOME/GTK onto the Librem 5 phone. Read more

Purism Unveils Plans to Build Librem 5, the World’s First Encrypted, Open Smartphone Ecosystem Giving Users Complete Device Control

Security focused laptop maker launches crowdfunding campaign to gauge market demand and feature requests to begin fabrication

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 24, 2017 — Purism, the social purpose corporation which designs and produces popular privacy conscious hardware and software, has revealed its plans to build the world’s first encrypted, open platform smartphone that will empower users to protect their digital identity in an increasingly unsafe mobile world. After 18 months of R&D to test hardware specifications and engage with one of the largest phone fabricators, Purism is opening a self-hosted crowdfunding campaign to gauge demand for the initial fabrication order and add the features most important to users.

The plans to build the Librem 5 smartphone come on the tails of Purism opening general availability and inventory for its increasingly popular Librem laptop line in June 2017, which includes the Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptop models and has seen 35 percent average monthly growth in the past year.

Partnering with open source communications project Matrix, Purism is making the Librem 5 the first ever Matrix-powered smartphone, natively using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication in its dialer and messaging app. Matrix is an open ecosystem for interoperable encrypted communication, supporting a rapidly growing community of over 2 million users for VoIP and Slack-style messaging.

As increasing concern among Android and iOS users grow around personal data they give up through WiFi connections, application installations and basic location services, Purism hopes to address those concerns by manufacturing phones that will operate with free/libre and open source software within the kernel, the operating system, and all software applications. Purism has built a strong reputation within the GNU/Linux community by delivering laptops designed to specifically meet user concern about digital privacy, chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect our common rights to privacy, security, and freedom.

Starting at $599—less than the cost of many popular smartphones—the Librem 5 will give users unprecedented control and security with features unavailable on any other mainstream smartphone, including:

  • Make encrypted calls that mask your phone number
  • Encrypt texts and emails
  • Set up VPN services for enhanced web browsing protection
  • Use the phone on any 2G/3G/4G, GSM, UMTS, or LTE network
  • Edit or develop on the source code, which will be made publicly available
  • Run PureOS or most GNU+Linux distributions
  • Enable hardware kill switches for the camera, microphone, WiFi/Bluetooth and baseband

“I believe digital rights should mirror physical rights. Our Librem 5 phone will get humanity closer to that goal by giving people choices about how they want to protect or share their digital identity,” said Todd Weaver, founder & CEO at Purism.

“Purism has been doing genuine and important work around making truly free yet desirable laptops. The communities I work with would very much like to see the same philosophy replicated in a phone that runs a GNOME based stack where community members can participate in equal terms and that ensures respect for the users’ privacy and security,” said Alberto Ruiz, GNOME & Fedora Laptop Enablement. “While pulling this off is hard, Todd seems like someone who sincerely cares about these issues and has a great track record executing. I think the efforts of Purism deserve the support of the free software community.”

A veteran of successful crowdfunding campaigns with more than $2.5 million raised over the past two years, Purism is self-hosting the Librem 5 crowdfunding effort on their web site. Users can back the project here:

About Purism

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation devoted to bringing security, privacy, software freedom, and digital independence to everyone’s personal computing experience. With operations based in San Francisco (California) and around the world, Purism manufactures premium-quality laptops, tablets and phones, creating beautiful and powerful devices meant to protect users’ digital lives without requiring a compromise on ease of use. Purism designs and assembles its hardware in the United States, carefully selecting internationally sourced components to be privacy-respecting and fully Free-Software-compliant. Security and privacy-centric features come built-in with every product Purism makes, making security and privacy the simpler, logical choice for individuals and businesses.

Media Contact

Marie Williams, Coderella / Purism
+1 415-689-4029
See also the Purism press room for additional tools and announcements.

Meet the development team at the 2017 Debian Conference

We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring and attending the 2017 Debian conference from August 1st to August 12 in Montréal, Canada. As PureOS is a derivative of Debian and various members of the team come from the Debian community, it is with great pleasure that we will support this event.

Many Purism team members will be present, including Zlatan Todorić (our CTO and an official Debian developer) with Matthias “Ximion” Klumpp, Jonas Smedegaard (Debian Developer) and Chris Lamb (current Debian Project Leader) for the full duration of the event, including the workshops (“Debcamp”) and core conference days.

Purism CEO Todd Weaver will also be attending from August 4th to August 8th.

On the “Open Day” on Saturday August 5th, we will be showcasing a couple of our newest Librem production models and prototypes.

Participation in the Debian conference and “open day” is free and no registration is required. Come and say hi! See the important dates for more information.

Jeff will also be available in the days before and after the event, to handle any logistics needs, or to answer any business or press inquiries. Should you want to meet before or after the event, please get in touch with us at

Celebrate GNOME’s 20th anniversary with us at GUADEC 2017

We are proud to announce that we will be attending the GNOME flagship conference, GUADEC, from July 28th to 30th, and co-sponsoring GNOME’s 20th anniversary celebration event at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday the 29th.

The local GUADEC organizers make a beautiful parallel between the local heritage of Manchester and the bleeding edge technology we are all developing:

“We’ll be planning the future of computing in the same city where some early breakthroughs in computing were made. The world’s first stored-program computer was developed at the University of Manchester in the late 1940s and the Museum has a working replica in the Revolution Hall where we’ll be holding the event, along with other amazing exhibits from the city’s industrial legacy.” — GUADEC 2017 organizers

We’re happy to be contributing to the party event on Saturday—where there will be food, lively discussions, and much rejoicing!

You will also be able to see a couple of our newest Librem production models and prototypes on display there—not that they “belong in a museum”,  but we do think they are interesting enough to be exhibited in a venue that honors science and industry.

During the rest of the conference’s core days, we (Jeff, Matthias, François, Todd) will be roaming around the Manchester Metropolitan University’s “Brooks” building to discuss topics of interest with fellow contributors and old friends. We’re particularly interested in:

  • Mobile and touch graphical user interfaces and input handling (including multitouch, gestures, etc.)
  • Power optimization (for laptops, tablets and phones)
  • Sandboxing, privacy and security in general
  • OEM desktop environment, applications and contents customizability
  • Extensions robustness
  • Graphics performance
  • Apps and Package robustness and user experience
  • Firmware updates management

Purism advisory board member Matthew Garrett will also be attending.

Come and say hi! We’ll be happy to meet GNOME enthusiasts—whether veterans or newcomers—and to answer any questions attendees may have for us.

A shipping update for Qubes-related orders

In light of our shipping-from-inventory fulfillment model having recently begun and in order to answer questions we have been getting related to pre-loaded versions of Qubes OS, we would like to announce that we will be fulfilling Qubes-related pending orders made until now by offering the Qubes install as a complimentary USB key included at no additional charge in those shipments.

  • Orders made with Qubes OS as the chosen operating system are expected to be fulfilled using the USB key accessory within approximately two weeks. Although the technical method of delivery is different, the $100 licensing fee Purism pays to Qubes will still be honored, for all Qubes-related orders made until August 2nd, 2017.
  • Should you prefer to forego the USB key accessory (containing the latest publicly available Qubes OS installer), please contact to adjust your order, which will then begin shipment procedures immediately alongside PureOS-related orders.
  • We apologize for not being able to pre-load Qubes OS onto your machine’s main solid state storage drive, as we have been unable to obtain an automated OEM image (suitable for secure and efficient mass-preloading in our fulfillment center) through our existing agreement with the Qubes Project/Invisible Things Lab s.c.

The current “free Qubes installer USB key” offer will also remain valid for orders placed between today (July 4th) and August 2nd, 2017, at which point our agreement with Qubes shall no longer be in effect. After this date, we may, at our discretion and as a convenience option for customers, offer a USB key accessory containing either a customer-requested free operating system (subject to availability), or a blank USB key, for a minor fee covering the cost of materials and labor.

Some customers have asked us about the recent removal of the Librem 13 “v1” from the certified hardware page on Qubes website. While we were not notified in advance of this change to the contents of the Qubes website, we understand this de-listing to be due to the fact that the Librem 13 v1 is no longer being manufactured, as it has now been succeeded by the Librem 13 version 2 in 2017. The “version 2” has not been sent through the certification process.

Moreover, while our current and previous hardware has been found to work with Qubes OS, we currently no longer have plans to undergo the official certification process for the Librem 13 v2 nor Librem 15 v3. The costs involved, requiring a supplementary technical consulting contract with Qubes/ITL (as per their new Commercial Hardware Goals proposal document), are not financially justifiable for us.

We have no doubts that Qubes users will be able to independently report their successes with Qubes OS on the Librem laptops within the next few weeks.

We wish Qubes and Invisible Things Lab s.c. the best of luck in establishing commercial partnerships that match their new expectations.

Security Researcher Trammell Hudson and Device Maker Purism Join Forces to Set a New Standard for Security-Focused Laptops

Hudson’s security firmware Heads will be built into Purism Librem hardware to further protect users from cybersecurity threats, privacy invasion, identity theft, and more.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — APRIL 12, 2017 — One of the foremost security researchers in the infosec community, Trammell Hudson, is working with secure device maker Purism to integrate his free and open-source “Heads” firmware into the company’s Librem laptop line. Purism will be the first hardware company to integrate Heads into its products, and the partnership will push the industry standard with unprecedented protection for end-user devices. Testing has already begun for the integration of the two platforms. Read more

Meet us at LibrePlanet 2017 from March 24th to March 26th

We are proud to announce that we will be attending and sponsoring the Free Software Foundation’s flagship conference, LibrePlanet, at the MIT on March 25-26th.

We will also be manning a booth there, where you can try out our Librem laptops and discuss latest advancements, including our completed port of the Librem 13 to coreboot. Come and say hi! We’ll be happy to meet old friends and new Free Software enthusiasts, veterans and newcomers, and to answer any questions attendees may have for us. We might also have a few surprises for our visitors.

Todd and Jeff will also be present in Cambridge/Boston on Friday, March 24th, for any business or press inquiries. Should you prefer to meet before the event, please get in touch with us at

Purism announces the creation of its Advisory Board

SAN FRANCISCO, August 30, 2016 — Purism is pleased to announce the creation of its Advisory Board, comprised of top-tier experts from the Free Software community: Kyle Rankin, Matthew Garrett, Aaron Grattafiori, and Stefano Zacchiroli. Together, they bring their vision—with decades of experience in cybersecurity, privacy protection, and digital freedom—to Purism’s product development, as the company continues to create products that finally address privacy and digital rights by default, rights that 86% of computer users cite as a concern.


“We are honored to partner with these industry experts I respect and have learned so much from,” said Purism CEO, Todd Weaver. “I look forward to their guidance during our tremendous growth, deepening our industry partnerships, launching new products and services, expanding into new markets, and addressing new customer needs.”

Kyle Rankin will chair the board and advise Purism in secure defaults, best practices in user security tools, privacy tools, and software choices that respect freedom. Kyle is a hardcore sysadmin and prolific author on security, privacy, GNU/Linux, free/libre and open source software, and speaks regularly on these matters.

“I’ve been following Purism since the beginning of their Librem 15 campaign and reviewed both it and the Librem 13 prototypes early on. I was so impressed with the Librem 13 prototype that I placed one of the first orders, and have been using it as my primary laptop ever since. I am very excited to help Purism challenge the existing hardware market with products that put user privacy, security, and freedom first,” said Rankin.

Matthew Garrett is advising Purism on threats to security and privacy, and on best practices to solve them with Free Software. Matthew is a technologist, programmer, Free Software activist, and is known for his major contributions to Linux, GNOME, Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat’s product lines. He is a board member of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), and a recipient of the Free Software Award from the FSF for his work on Secure Boot, UEFI, and the Linux kernel.

“Privacy, security and freedom require hardware that’s entirely under the owner’s control. I am honoured to be able to help guide Purism’s efforts to achieve that goal,” said Garrett.

Aaron Grattafiori is advising Purism on various matters relating to security and privacy. By day, Aaron is a Technical Director at the NCC Group which has been hacking on computers for more than a decade. Aaron’s comprehensive security whitepaper was recently touted as the “War and Peace” of Linux container security. A regular speaker at leading security conferences, Aaron maintains a lasting passion for technologies that empower users with security and freedom.

“In this day and age, it is important to use security-centric and ideally privacy-respecting software. In the post-Snowden era, users who value privacy should understand the benefits provided by free and open source software, and the overall risks by closed source software and platforms.” said Grattafiori.

Stefano Zacchiroli is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Paris Diderot University and Inria. He is a co-founder and current CTO of the Software Heritage project. Stefano has been an official developer of the Debian Project since 2001, and was elected to serve as the Debian Project Leader for three consecutive terms from 2010 to 2013. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and is a recipient of the 2015 O’Reilly Open Source Award.

“I am excited by the possibilities that Purism and PureOS represent for defending users against current threats to their software freedom and for putting them back in control of their digital lives,” said Zacchiroli. “I look forward to help Purism navigate this complex ecosystem, continuing their promising journey to an entirely free software and hardware stack.”


“Our products, beliefs, and innovations are helping people protect their digital life by default,” said Todd Weaver. “This board will help us innovate even faster and fuel our immediate growth with collective thought leadership and passion.”

About Purism

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation devoted to bringing security, privacy, software freedom, and digital independence to everyone’s personal computing experience. With operations based in San Francisco (California) and around the world, Purism manufactures premium-quality laptops, tablets and phones, creating beautiful and powerful devices meant to protect users’ digital lives without requiring a compromise on ease of use. Purism designs and assembles its hardware in the United States, carefully selecting internationally sourced components to be privacy-respecting and fully Free-Software-compliant. Security and privacy-centric features come built-in with every product Purism makes, making security and privacy the simpler, logical choice for individuals and businesses.

Media Contact

Marie Williams, Coderella / Purism
+1 415-689-4029
See also the Purism press room for additional tools and announcements.

Purism Partners with Qubes, Security-Focused Hardware and Software Together

Purism partners with Qubes, with the combined goal of offering Purism’s freedom-focused hardware bundled together with Qubes’ security-focused operating system

DECEMBER 8, 2015—SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In the midst of growing concerns about identity theft, Internet privacy, cybersecurity and digital rights, Purism, maker of the privacy, security, and freedom-focused Librem laptops has announced a partnership with the security-focused operating system Qubes OS, to ensure users are as protected from modern-day security threats as possible. This partnership will continue to evolve to push security for users in a positive direction within the hardware manufacturing process.

Qubes OS provides security through “compartmentalization.” If a user’s browser is compromised while visiting a website, for example, the attacker does not gain access to other information or programs on the system, such as sensitive documents, passwords, photos or personal data.

Conventional security approaches such as antivirus and malware detection programs are no longer enough to keep out sophisticated attackers. Qubes OS isolates the operating system’s components allowing for a more optimal security model than Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX can provide.

In addition, Qubes comes with Whonix-powered Tor integration, enabling the user to easily route network traffic through the Tor anonymity network. Given these features, combining Qubes with Purism Librem laptops is a natural fit–and users will benefit by being able to order Qubes OS preinstalled on the Librem 13.

“We are pleased to partner with the Purism team both in offering a certified Qubes OS laptop today, and in the future improving the functionality and security of Purism laptops to ensure that users can have the best of freedom, security and privacy in one convenient package,” said Joanna Rutkowska, well-known security researcher and founder of the Qubes OS project.

“We are ecstatic about the partnership between Purism and Qubes so we can bring together our goals of privacy, security and freedom in hardware with the best approach in software security. This union represents the ideal approach to protecting users by default, without sacrificing convenience or usability,” said Todd Weaver, CEO of Purism. “Qubes OS is a natural fit with the Purism Librem laptops in both functionality and ideology.”

The Librem: Privacy-Respecting Hardware

Purism’s goal with the Librem laptop is to offer a high-end computer with a simple, out-of-the-box, privacy-enhancing experience. The Librem laptop computer features privacy “kill switches” to physically shut off the camera, microphone and data connection, deterring data thieves, spies, cyberstalkers and hackers.

Librem 13

The new Librem 13 is now shipping. It can be ordered at, for a base price of $1649 US, including Qubes OS.

Orders are shipped on a first-come, first-served basis in the order they were received. There is an additional shipping charge of $80 for orders outside the USA.

CrowdSupply will accept all forms of international currency including Bitcoin.

About Qubes OS

Qubes OS is a security-oriented free and open source operating system for personal computers. Recognizing there can be no perfect, bug-free computing environment, Qubes aims instead to secure typical workflows through controlled interaction and minimize the attack surface for adversaries through compartmentalization.

Its architecture is built to enable a user to define different security environments or “domains” on their computer based on their threat model and manage their interaction with each other. This allows the user to control the level of access an application has to other information, protecting confidential work both from compromise and from exfiltration.

It can run Debian, Fedora, Whonix, and even Windows-based applications within this environment. For more information, visit:

About Purism

Purism’s goal is to manufacture secure, freedom, and privacy-respecting computers. Leading the way in protecting your digital life by making security and privacy simpler and easier-to-use by default. Purism is devoted to providing the highest quality hardware available, with the goal that the user’s data is kept private and is secure from hacking, malware, spyware, identity theft and other threats that cannot be prevented with antivirus or malware detection alone. Purism is based in San Francisco, California, and its products are assembled in the United States from components manufactured and sourced internationally. Privately held and privately funded, Purism has raised nearly $842,000 to date solely with crowd funding, making the Librem laptops one of the top three most successful crowd funded PC hardware projects in history, according to ZDNet, and the #1 crowd funded hardware project on Crowd Supply.

Media Contact

Marie Williams, Coderella / Purism
+1 415-689-4029
See also the Purism press room for additional tools and announcements.