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This is first in series of Purism developer’s blog post. It will be mostly about technical aspects of Purism work but also sometimes mixed with few other fields and information. The only promise is that it will be more – no promise how often, no hardcoded path of releases. In Debian mantra – it will be ready (and published) once it is ready.

We are happy to announce release of PureOS 2.1. Besides fixing bugs (such as overwriting the entire disk during install!) it will boast few new apps (and few removed) on this new ISO image:

  • Kodi
  • VLC
  • Blender
  • Audacity
  • Darktable
  • MyPaint
  • Ardour
  • MPV

Removed apps:

  • Debian bug tracking system (PureOS will have its own, more in next devlog releases)
  • Brasero

As you can see we wanted to bring some creativity with preinstalled applications (athough all applications are easy installable or removed through software center/app store (famously called now Software in GNOME thus PureOS)) and Kodi to just show that Free software is cool and great! In art terms we also integrated new Plymouth theme which we believe you will like (soon we will bring up community wiki so people can share their ideas and write tutorials, documentations about PureOS but again, more info about it in some of the next releases).

Besides that we are again trying to improve driver for touchpads (yes, we agree with you and your pain, but we are in the same awkward pain – we use those devices, we work with our manufacturers but they simply don’t give us any documentation – something we are trying to improve all the time but there is so much time and space for such small team to tackle so many tasks of which some aren’t even in description of our work. Thank you for your support and patience and we are really trying to pull out max of what we get). That said, our involvement with manufactures gives us opportunity to drive how new products will be developed which is something very important for us and our (and your) future. Back to technical parts, ew integrated driver should now have:

  • Tap to click
  • Double tap
  • Two finger scroll (up & down)
  • Three finger swipe
  • Edge scrolling

We hope we improved some of the previous part of driver and also enabled some new things (note this is entirely new driver so bare with us while you test it and report bugs).

PureOS 2.1 now also comes with GNOME as default because it is aligned with goal to have one default environment for all our devices (we are now in process to produce tablets). With future plan to develop to phones that could be switched to KDE’s Plasma but future is exciting and unpredictable.

This release also has sum so people can check against ISO build and new installations instructions that should be much more user friendly – check more at download page.

Also, this release should be the last one built with old (almost non existent) infrastructure. New one will be more professional, more open and feel more native for Free software development. We will write more in next release of devlog.

Keep calm and develop Free software (and hardware!),

– Zlatan

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