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We said there is not going to be another PureOS release with old infrastructure but… there is one more (at least). Making new infrastructure takes time to do it properly (and we want to do it properly for sake of ours and your nerves) so we will have one more point release of PureOS – PureOS 2.2. We are currently still baking it as part of the team is focused on making OEM ISO so we can pass tests for installation on NVMe SSDs (and this is something few people reported as OS missing or not recognizing the disk and the PureOS2.1 regular ISO already passed installation on such hardware but of course we need OEM one for your devices).

Besides new infrastructure, baking ISOs here and there, we are working (until this point more in background but it will be more publicly visible soon) something what we call at this moment Purist Services. What are Purist Services?!

Glad you asked. We will combine best Free software solutions in many fields into what we call purist accounts. It will be unified solution where users will have a choice to create a purist account and get out of the box: Instant Messaging, Voice Call, Video Call, Email and after that we will add one by one more solutions such as Social Account (Diaspora*), Photo/Video sharing (Mediagoblin), file sharing (Filetea/SparkleShare and maybe, just maybe, nextCloud) and other goodies that can and will benefit our users. All will of course be Free software, encrypted and any client that will support protocols and techniques we use will be able to connect to purist users and vice-versa.

With addition to that we have two announcements – first, lead architect of purist services is famous Joey Hess. Second, this is good opportunity of employment if you want to work in Purism. How we do technical interviews – either you have already a good history with Free software or you start contributing to Purism development and in few months (of good work!) you will be called in for an interview. If you are interested in working with Joey or any other part of PureOS, feel free to send your resume to hr@puri.sm with cover letter.

Happy hacking,

Zlatan Todorić

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