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Lets start this devlog with some good news, that we believe will make a lot of users happy and that it  will satisfy a few trolls as well. We moved away from Cloudflare. It was creating problems for Tor browser users (which was kind of ironic as we shipped with Tor browser on our machines as default) and the temporary solution was to whitelist all Tor nodes. We are  now finally Cloudflare free. Also our certificates are now from famous and all-loving LetsEncrypt, on all our servers.

With huge efforts to create PureOS infra, we also decided that now is the time for an entire transition. That is why we are moving all our services to a secure facility where we run our own dedicated servers. Fun times! Let us know if we broke  something during our transition! This is all brought to you by ever growing Purism team.

As we are approaching a day when PureOS infrastructure will soon be set up (hopefully in next 2 weeks), we also issue a call for volunteers. There will be wiki (which we need to populate with documentation, tutorials, ideas and magic), PureOS website (anyone eager to try their design and web coding skills?), bugtracker (oh yes, we all need that), code hosting (what would be an Free OS without Freedom code hosting service? 🙂 ) and many more goodies. Also, we issue call for ideas – if you have an idea on  how to improve any of above mentioned things please feel free to share. We want to find out what our users need and we will try to implement that with security and privacy in mind . Our vision and mission is to integrate Freedom, privacy and security. Lets talk how to improve Free software/hardware and society! IRC (#purism on freenode) and feedback@puri.sm are your friends for that.

What would be a devlog without bad news? I don’t have an answer for this but here are the bad news. While regular PureOS 2.1 image installs fine on all hardware (yes, even the NVMe SSDs) the OEM ISO fails. We are investigating this and hopefully we will resolve it this week, stay tuned. I am also very  pleased  regarding bugtracker – while we support people discussing in forums, it is a bit of an overload for our stuff to forward  complaints to us and then we through our support contact them back via forums (or in some cases mails) we must find a way to improve this. After all we are an open community and we must offer transparency in our bug reports, easy searchable by community and our stuff.

What is going on with Purist Services – well, we are issuing a volunteer call for people interested to work and chat with Joey Hess (our lead architect on this). Skills: knowledge about XMPP, OMEMO, IM, voice/audio calls (people that work and use Ring are of high interest to us. At least to our technical lead 😉 ), encrypted mails, UI/UX design (we need somehow to level up GPG usage and without really easy UI we are doomed to fail).

The last but not least – regarding all infrastructure build up, old PureOS infra will be the last to shut down. This means that you will  still have some issues with our archive. although we take all your reports seriously and fix them ASAP and we we are also preparing PureOS 2.2 release with it.

P.S. sneak peak for PureOS 3.0 which will get released with new infra – its codename will be Prometheus! That’s enough juicy details for now!!

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