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Beautiful, Secure, Privacy-Respecting Laptops, Tablets, PCs, and Phones

When it comes time to purchase a new computer or tablet, often we compare specifications from one computer to the next. We may take a look at storage size, amount of RAM, brand, cost… but we often times forget what is arguably the most important thing when considering a new computer purchase: our data.

Stored on our devices are our private thoughts, likes, pictures, videos, documents and browsing history; collectively our “Digital Life.” In many ways, our computers have in fact become an extension of our own brains. More and more people are beginning to question and inquire further into what companies—that create the applications and operating systems that we use every day—are doing with this data accumulated through their use. Are these companies using our data to market to us, build profiles on us, or otherwise monitor what we do? And more importantly, are our devices secure?

Have you ever really given that much thought?

High end devices such as products from Lenovo, Apple’s Macs, Microsoft’s Surface line and even lower end devices such as Google’s Chromebooks all ship with operating systems that—to one degree or another—are monitoring what you do on your computer. There is much debate as to why, how much, and what precisely are they monitoring with this data, but for some of us, any data monitoring is too much.

Enter Purism.

Purism was created with a belief system designed to combine the most privacy respecting software wrapped in beautiful and well-made hardware.  Simply put: we want you to have the same form and function that you are used to, albeit in a much more private and secure manner. We believe that you and your data are important and that your data should remain yours, and yours alone. Purism does no monitoring or data collection. None. Can you say the same for your current device and operating system?

The Librem line of laptops and 2-in-1 devices come pre-installed with a complete and fully functional office suite. Additional applications are available to provide alternatives to the creative applications from Adobe and other companies. Our web browser, PureBrowser, is built upon the familiar Firefox but with the best privacy respecting add-ons pre-installed. These add-ons block and prevent many forms of malware, ads, and other forms of trackers. Our industry-first Hardware Kill Switches physically cut the electrical power to the web camera, microphone, and Wi-Fi, giving you assurance that no one is watching, listening or hacking you and your computer. These are physical switches, not a piece of software.

It’s become commonplace these days to have to open an account in order to download or use applications. In many ways, gone are the days of application use anonymity… Except when using Purism’s Linux based line of Librem devices. We do not require you to log in or create an account to use any of the thousands of applications available through our store. If you see something that you like, download it and give it a try. They are all free, without having to give up your usage data.

When considering your next hardware purchase, if you have the knowledge and ability to perform background task and Internet connection analysis, we encourage you to take a look at the processes and connections that Windows, OSX or Chrome OS are running on your current device, behind the scenes; these are simply not there with PureOS. Purism has no interest in serving you ads or monitoring what you do. Our business is to combine the best privacy-respecting software into great-looking hardware that will last you for years to come.

We’ve glossed over the minutiae that many computing professionals are already aware of but we hope that this piece provoked some thoughts in your mind about the current state of computing. Got questions or suggestions for us? Send us your thoughts at feedback(at)

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