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We have just wrapped up our second week of looking at one new application (or game, or feature) running on the Librem 5 Smartphone Development Kit every single day.  (You can find the first 7 pieces of software running on the Librem 5 being shown in the Week 1 post.)

Below you’ll find the software for Week 2 (days 8 through 14) — from Emacs to Torrents to Games.

Side note: If you pre-order the Librem 5 before July 31st, you save $50.

Day 8 – GNOME Clocks (also on YouTube)


Day 9 – Emacs (also on YouTube)


Day 10 – Password Safe (also on YouTube)


Day 11 – OpenTTD (also on YouTube)


Day 12 – GNOME Podcasts (also on YouTube)


Day 13 – Fragments Torrent Client (also on YouTube)


Day 14 – Drawing (also on YouTube)

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