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Just over a week ago Unbox Therapy reviewed our Librem 13 v4 on their YouTube channel and the video has been watched over 2.3 million times. Thank you to Willy from the Unbox Therapy team for getting a Librem 13 in front of Lewis, he did an excellent job talking about and demoing our privacy and security focused hardware and software.

He loved the ease and convenience of our hardware kill switches and how they could be used to seamlessly toggle the WiFi/Bluetooth and the Camera and mic on and off without restarting the system – in Lewis’s own words, “That’s pretty cool, you have to admit that!”

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We are very proud of our kill switches, they are the most secure way to disable components of a laptop that can be used to spy on you — as they physically disconnect the circuitry, like removing the light socket from the wall.

Lewis agrees, “The switch is obviously the best implementation”, no need for tape over your camera and mic.

Lewis was impressed by the number of ports on the Librem 13: 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB type C, headphone port, HDMI port, SD card slot and the 2 hardware kill switches all in aluminum chassis weighing only 3lbs (1.4kg).

On the software side Lewis liked how the entire PureOS onboarding process helps you be more secure – especially setting a disk encryption password to protect the whole system and your data. He liked that we got plugins and security rules “baked-in” to the browser by default, enforcing HTTPS everywhere and disabling many advertising and web trackers. Overall Lewis was impressed with the look-and-feel of a modern GNOME GNU/Linux system, finding it easy to multi-task, search for and open files and apps.

The PureBoot Bundle

If you are looking for the most secure and privacy respecting laptop, then look no further than our PureBoot Bundle – A v4 Librem 13 or 15 paired with a paired Librem Key for the ultimate hardware and software tamper detection. Find out more about how we made it possible to detect tampering with the Librem Key and our Chief Security Officer’s best practices to stay safe and secure.

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Photos courtesy of Unbox Therapy 1, 2.

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