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“What Librem 5 batch am I in?”

Previously we’ve indicated that we would contact people as their particular batch is being prepared for shipping. For instance, we have started sending out emails to backers who will receive Birch in the coming days and weeks.

As we mentioned in our post Supplying the Demand, we were surprised at the demand for our early batches. We also expect that some customers will change their mind one (or more) times about which batch they’d prefer as each batch comes out and more videos, pictures, and articles are posted. For these and other reasons we’ve been reluctant to notify people which batch they are likely to be in, as it could change as people change their minds and slots open up.

All that said, we also understand the excitement and suspense behind the Librem 5.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to inform everyone of which batch they are most *likely* to be in. We will be emailing each backer to let them know their likely batch assignment.

Please understand that this is an estimate–some people’s batch assignment might change to a sooner or later batch as we continue to process Librem 5 orders.

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