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Todd Weaver

A common request for anybody using free and open source software is “What would be equivalent to <insert_branded_software_name_here />?” So we wanted to make a simple table that shows common branded proprietary software and what free and open source software replaces or is an acceptable alternative to it.

Proprietary SoftwareFree and Open Source Software
Office Suite
Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word; word processingLibreOffice WriterLibreOffice Writer; word processing, a direct alternative for Microsoft Word
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel; spreadsheetLibreOffice CalcLibreOffice Calc; spreadsheet, a direct alternative to Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerpointMicrosoft Powerpoint; presentationLibreOffice ImpressLibreOffice Impress; presentation, a direct alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access; graphical databaseLibreOffice BaseLibreOffice Base; graphical database, a direct alternative to Microsoft Access
Email and Calendaring
Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Outlook; email and calendaringEvolutionEvolution; email and calendaring, a direct alternative for Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mac Mail, and Apple Mac iCal.
Apple Mac MailApple Mac Mail; email
Apple Mac iCalApple Mac iCal; calendaring
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop; graphicsGNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)Gimp; graphics, a direct alternative to Adobe Photoshop
Web Browser
Microsoft IEMicrosoft IE; browserMozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox; browser
Google ChromeGoogle Chrome; browserAbrowserAbrowser; browser, a firefox derivative with greater privacy controls, a direct replacement for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari
Apple SafariApple Safari; browser

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