Since Purism’s philosophy and GNOME’s principles are closely aligned it is not far fetched to call them a match made in heaven.

As you probably know the software stack in use on the Librem 5 is built upon GNOME technologies and has been designed by parts the GNOME Design Team.

This is why we’re happy to officially announce that Calls will become a part of the GNOME project. Having a dialer application available shows that mobile is an important use case for GNOME.
Furthermore this shows that we take upstreaming our development efforts and making them available to the wider community very seriously.

The old repository has been archived and the new repository where development takes place can be found here while the packaging for PureOS can be found here.

By moving to GNOME infrastructure we hope to generate more community interest around Calls.

Another noteworthy advantage is having translations more streamlined which will make the lifes of both translators and maintainers easier.

While the project has moved, we will continue to develop Calls actively. Right now, we are currently working on implementing SIP support. So stay tuned for more news on that front in the future.

A wild incoming SIP call appears

As everything written is not necessarily specific to Calls, it should not come as a surprise that in the future other parts of the stack might also migrate to GNOME, but all in due time!

So long and thanks for all the commits!

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